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The Rise of Cloud Based CRM Solutions


Clarity | E Commerce cloud computing software outlookThe market for E Commerce CRM software is expected to reach almost $24 billion in 2014, an increase of a third since 2012. On-demand, or Software as a Service (SaaS), CRM deployments will account for 50% of total CRM software sales by 2015. Enterprise organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions due to their lower up-front implementation costs, faster time to deployment, and less reliance on the technical expertise of a small group of IT professionals.

Additionally, SaaS CRM solutions prove faster to adapt to changes in the technological landscape as Social, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud based computing and the internet of things become key drivers in enterprise ecommerce CRM growth due to the necessity of their integration into end-to-end line-of-business solutions. In order to remain competitive as well as find innovative ways to increase sales and productivity, enterprise organizations are turning to CRM integrations to streamline their various segmented software applications into one suite that unifies these applications one user interface complete with succinct data sharing and business process standardization.


Issues With Cloud-Based CRM Integration


However, the process of integrating a litany of disparate on demand and on premise applications into one comprehensive suite can be a frustrating endeavor for many enterprise businesses. These types of E-Commerce businesses almost always require custom integration due to the use of various third party software, differing data security requirements, unique business processes, a constantly evolving technological and competitive landscape, and idiosyncratic organizational needs.

Unfortunately, many organizations sacrifice seamless, cross application data integration and software functionality for a quick, on-demand CRM deployment that leaves too much room for sub-optimal processes and missed maximum ROI opportunities. Many organizations fail to realize that they can find a custom end-to-end line-of-business CRM integration without experiencing common pain points of high up-front costs, expensive maintenance due to upgrades and updates, data security concerns, slow deployment schedule, or difficulties with adaptability, extensibility and scalability.


Clarity Econnect: Addressing Enterprise Level Integration Problems


clarity e-commerce customer relationship management integrateClarity’s EConnect solution addresses many of these issues. Typically, the prohibitive cost is due to the extensive coding and development of each layer of the integration suite. A data, business and user interface usually need to be custom coded for seamless integration. Clarity EConnect circumvents this by having the majority of repetitive code pre-built, 85% of normal development is already completed, allowing your budget to be spent on customization and quick deployment. Additionally, detailed documentation, code samples, examples and snippets included cut down development time and cost for initial deployment as well as upgrades and updates.

Multiple layers of data protection protect you from malicious attacks while allowing your employees to remain productive and maintain their preferred work style, whether at the office or remotely logging in to secure systems. For those in the medical field, an additional layer of privacy protection is needed in order to remain HIPPA compliant. Clarity has worked with medical organizations before and ensures that HIPPA compliant privacy protection considerations are built into our framework.

Lastly, enterprise ecommerce organizations must be assured that their solution has the ability to be flexible, nimble and adaptable. This means easy extensibility when new applications or software is procured and needs to be integrated into the line-of-business suite. Furthermore, the solution must scale easily and without loss of functionality as the organization continues to grow as a result of increased integration ROI. Clarity ecommerce connect was built with these issues in mind, using widely implemented and open code base, extensive documentation for efficient development, and a growth focused framework.

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