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The Benefits of a Custom B2B eCommerce Portal

Why not have a custom B2B eCommerce solution that can grow with and enhance your business, rather than you adapting your business to an off-the-shelf eCommerce product?


Clarity B2B eCommerce examplesHistorically, the definition of eCommerce is commonly understood as commercial transactions conducted electronically. The fact of the matter is eCommerce can provide so many more significant benefits to organizations than just transactions, especially for B2B (business-to-business) specific companies.

Advanced site analytics can give insight to consumer behavior that influence purchasing decisions and automated integrations increase efficiency that results in greater employee productivity and a rise in revenue, to name just a couple. Clarity is an industry leading expert when it comes to employing impactful eCommerce solutions for medium to enterprise level establishments.

Typically, it only takes a quick Google search to identify business-to-consumer eCommerce tools and out-of-the-box solutions. What most organizations don’t realize is that when they continue to grow, the infrastructure fails to scale with the original solution.

At Clarity, we provide top-of-the-line business solutions that work seamlessly the very first time and continue to work that way as your organization grows. Our familiarity in implementing over 600+ projects allows us to share some valuable customer successes.


Business-to-Business eCommerce Examples

The Newton Group - Master Distributor Portal

The Newton Group, Custom B2B eCommerce Dealer Sales Web Development ProjectThe Newton Group is a master distributor of eyewear to over 2,500 eyecare professionals. Chances are when you go to your Optometrist, they order your glasses or contacts from them. The issue is how to make it quick and easy for 2,500 affiliate partners to be able to order quickly and easily from over 1million SKUs.

Clarity installed their eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce™, and created a completely custom partner ordering portal. They split out the shipping so an Optometrist could order your glasses and have them shipping directly to your home, while filling up inventory at their store in the mall. Custom reporting provides business intelligence reports to all the partners so they know how they stack up in sales compared to all the partners.



Horsetrailers.net - Custom Dealer Sales

Horsetrailers.net, Custom B2B eCommerce portal with over 1million SKUs, 2,500 affiliatesHorsetrailers.net wanted to deliver a better and more unique and custom B2B eCommerce shopping experience to end users purchasing horse trailers. This experience excited many dealers that were trying to push their trailers, but struggling to find and close buyers. This B2B custom dealers portal allows dealers to bulk import their products into the catalog, advertise in the dealer and manufacturer directory and purchase ads.

Clarity installed the latest version of their eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce™, and delivered a highly user-friendly shopping experience for users to be able to search and find the trailer they want from all the manufacturers. The experience also improved the dealers' ability to showcase and push more items quickly to a larger audience.



Zebra Imaging - Custom Product Sales

Zebra Imaging, B2B eCommerce Web Development ProjectZebra Imaging has patented advances in lasers and image processing which enables them to create lifelike holographic imagery from 3D digital data. In order to be more effective, Zebra needed an optimal back-end workflow, and this had to integrate with their B2B eCommerce platform. Their main hurdle was communicating the amount of data between customer and purchase order, because the products are extremely custom.

Clarity delivered a streamlined checkout process that made Zebra's sales process more efficient. The B2B eCommerce portal included automated integration to QuickBooks and manufacturing ticket tracking tools. The result was an increase in online ordering and a more intuitive system for Zebra and its customers.



Orange Octopus Company - International Sales

Orange Octopus, B2B eCommerce Web Development ProjectOrange Octopus Company eliminates barriers associated with international sales through a wide range of solutions. The Orange Octopus project included coordinating their international sales with a complex array of custom B2B eCommerce specifications. Orange Octopus consulted with Clarity in hopes of creating a scalable offering to its customers.

Clarity delivered a turnkey shopping cart solution for Orange Octopus to offer its customers domestically, and globally. A combination of international shipping calculations and custom features truly helped Orange Octopus grow their product offerings.



Airborn - Enterprise Product Catalog

Airborn, B2B eCommerce Web Development Project
Airborn is a full-service global electronic interconnect manufacturer and distributor. Airborn desperately needed a more user friendly website and B2B eCommerce portal to drive revenue. Clarity delivered a website refresh which included a brand new product catalog. This new and improved side eliminated former catalog errors and enhanced the user experience. Airborn’s eCommerce site was built on Microsoft ASP.Net and was able to cover all of their custom requirements.



B2B eCommerce Development

The ability for a company's front-end and back-end systems to interact with one another will pay significant dividends across the organization

Clarity ventures has experience delivering multifaceted B2B (business to business) product catalogs, shopping cart solutions, and fully integrating sites’ front ends with their respective ERP and CRMs. The ability for a company's front-end and back-end systems to interact with one another will pay significant dividends across the organization.