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Currency, Sales Tax and Shipping API


At Clarity, we pride ourselves on our expert ability to make it easy for your business to sell your product or spread your ideas to as many people from as many locations as possible. Some companies can get bogged down wasting time and resources trying to calculate sales taxes and currency exchange rates for each individual customer, not to mention the accounting nightmare that can come from decoding sales data from various regions and timezones.

Clarity | tax calculation API integration ecommerce platform developer DNN Sales Tax Calculation -Clarity's sales tax API automatically calculates the taxes in various countries, states, regions and sub-regions. An intuitive design means that any changes in tax code anywhere in the world are automatically corrected. Best of all, this API integrates with programs you're already used to like Avalara for a seamless transition to a more efficient platform.

Clarity | Currency exchange API real time ecommerce integration developmentReal-Time Currency Exchange Rate Integration -If you do business internationally, you already know that currency exchanges are constantly fluctuating. Our API calculates the exchange of currencies in real time for both consumer and supplier at the time of the transaction in an instant. No lost time, no lost customers, no lost money.

Clarity | shipping integration API solution ecommerce development b2b enterpriseShipping Calculations -Any enterprise-level, global eCommerce business knows the importance of an accurate and speedy shipping calculation. Clarity has an API integration that works with over 200 shipping companies. No matter which software and companies you're used to working with, Clarity's international shipping API for eCommerce platforms has you covered.

Check out some examples of the custom tax, shipping and currency integration we've done in the past.

ERP and CRM API Integration: Clarity Connect


For any enterprise level business, CRM and ERP integrations are an absolute must-have. A common shortcoming in many companies is the inability to streamline external sources of data into their preferred internal platforms like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite  and more. Clarity's custom integration solution, Clarity Connect, is the solution to these problems. 

Clarity| sCRM and ERP ecommerce integration platform developmentItems and Catagories -Rich data available in your ERP system can be pulled dynamically for your web and mobile applications without the "middle-man" of manual data processing. Best of all, Clarity works with your safeguards to make sure this process and your data is secure.

Clarity | erp ecommerce development crm integration apiPricing and Inventory -Pricing data and shipment terms specific to individual customers, roles or company can be automatically pulled in an individualized fashion based on that user's log in credentials. Specific taxes, duties and customs options vary from customer to customer, but Clarity connect allows you to automatically pull that individual customer's terms within your application. This automated solution allows for rich customer experience.

Clarity | custom api integration crm development e-commerce erp solutionCustom Wording and Aesthetics -Your internal language, documentation and data terms make perfect sense within your organization. But there is a disconnect in understanding when it comes to the customer. Clarity connect allows you to customize the language, aesthetics and flow of the customer facing side of your application. This allows for each experience to be unique to a particular customer or segment of customers, improving user experience and increasing sales.

Take a look at how we've saved money and increased revenue for these clients through our custom ERP and CRM integrations.

Social Media API Integration

Social media integration API ecommerce platform solution | clarity

Many companies are starting to see the utility of social media as a way to drive customers to their website, store and products in order to increase sales or brand awareness. Clarity works with the API's of all the social media communities you love such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more. Whether you wan't your product ratings to show up in Google searches, 'Like' buttons, 'Share,' 'Tweet,' 'Follow,' '+1,' RSS feeds and more, Clarity puts the power of the social web at your fingertips. What's more, Clairty offers custom social solutions designed to maximize the benefits that social media can bring. Often, this requires a degree of creativity that, quite honestly, we love.

Customized Buttons and Widgets -Sometimes 'like' or '+1' are over-saturated online or just aren't appropriate on your web application. Changing the wording or look of these common social integrations can go a long way in increasing user engagement and social media participation.

Clarity | custom social API link tracking eneterprise ecommerce b2b platformIndividualized Link Tracking -Tracking your most active and influential customers, members or consumers is essential to ensuring that your most vocal, unpaid mouthpieces continue to advocate for your brand, message or product. Clarity's individualized link tracking solution allows your organization to ascertain which individuals, groups or organizations are referring the most traffic or business. This is also instrumental in introducing game metrics to increase activity as well as incentivizing social sharing.

Check out some of the custom social media API integrations Clarity has built for our clients.


Clarity | security API integration ecommerce website development

Clarity offers multiple layers of protection for your sensitive data and can also offer HIPPA compliant solutions for organizations dealing with private medical data. Typically, Clarity will give your organization a comprehensive review and make security recommendations based on the sensitivity of the data being processed. The types of data communication that can be protected can be on-site to on-site, on-site ERP to your offsite web application, SAS information to offsite online applications and many more.

Clarity | security SSL certificate API integration ecommerce CMS enterpriseSSL Certificates -An SSL certificate is useful to protect internal and external traffic. Basically, an SSL certificate is random string of letters and numbers thousands of characters long that the server and browser use to authenticate the data request. This protects against two very common types of attacks. The 'brute force' attack attempts to crack a password of certificate by trying every conceivable letter/number combination. This is useless against an SSL certificate hundreds or thousands of characters long. The second common type of attack is a 'password dictionary' attack. This is when a hacker has access to a database filled with millions of passwords and uses these to try and match a password with yours.

Security API integration b2b ecommerce platforms | clarityPrivate/Public Key Encryption -Private/public key encryption is when two paired or matching keys are created by a complex mathematical algorithm. Think of it as a digital form of a fail safe mechanism that requires two keys turned at the same time in order for that red launch button to be pressed. The information contained in the public key can only be accessed by turning and therefore authenticating the private key, which in turn only you control.

Clarity | Security API integration enterprise ecommerceUnique Ports and IP Address Certification -Data is transferred or accessed over servers through ports. Commonly, the same port is used for a specific type of data throughout an organization or even throughout an entire industry. Clarity analyzes your port usage and recommends using one of the thousands of obscure ports that cannot be easily guessed. IP address certification is another layer of security that authenticates the IP address of the data request to ensure it's coming from an appropriate location.

Here's some examples of how we've protected clients in the past.

Clarity API Solutions: Common Sense


Many companies offer outrageous prices and ridiculous development timelines. Some companies claim to be "full service" yet come to you unprepared for the intracacies of integration development. Not Clarity. Our expertise is renown among our satisfied clients. We update our partners with the hourly progress on the specific tasks within the project scope to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery of promised services. Clarity always offers transparent pricing, piece of mind in the assurance that the project will be completed on time the way you want it, and unparalleled solutions to your problems. Call Clarity today to discuss your business needs and get a free, no hassle consultation!