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The Client

Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon) was established in 1964, the year the Tokyo Olympics was held. Our company wanted to capture the freedom and feeling of the games, while imbuing the spirit of our founders and using their concept, "Make change in management training in Japan", as a guide. Because our name is long, we shortened it to "BCon" to make it easier and more memorable for our clients. Also, when written like this, our name would end up sounding like the English word “Beacon”, which aligned well with our key concept. Since we adapted leading-edge of behavioral science technologies and organization development theories to serve our clients, we saw ourselves as guides, like a lighthouse, a beacon to help clients navigate hard times. Therefore that word fit us very well then and we have been continuously refining our solution in line with this till now.


Existing Problems

Having been successful for many decades in Japan, the company had consulted for many companies that had a global footprint. This forced the company to become a global consulting support organization. With that requirement, came the need for a global web presence for all their solution offerings (LIFO, ITS, Bushido, The Human Element, etc.). That's when they engaged Clarity, who also has had to deal with and launch many global web properties. BCON not only needed help with the design and implementation of the properties, but a way to handle the global SEO needs and distribution and security of resources for their global consulting partners.

Our Solutions

The first and most important requirement was the ability to have multiple web portals, that were tightly sharing resources, that could be easily customized to handle the dynamic access control for multiple roles. The obvious choice was DNN, as it neatly met and fulfilled all of those requirements. Clarity worked with their team in Japan on the design, so it incorporated many of the Japanese design elements that were important to the company, but were modified to fit into many global regions without feeling out of place. Multiple design skins were built for each portal, all being installed on a core DNN implementation. Finally, the security model, roles and resource libraries were all put in place for launch. Finally, Clarity helped with the SEO strategy for promoting these new properties in additional countries and global markets.

BCON Global Consulting

Multi-portal Global Resource Center

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The Benefits

One of the first benefits of the portals was the ability for BCON's global consulting partners to have a directory, where they could do lead gen activities. The portals also became the Resource Centers for the distribution of BCON digital assets for those global consultants. The properties provided a home for SEO to drive new and emerging global markets for them, and allowed them to finally market themselves as a true global consulting company, with a presences in multiple languages and countries.




Clarity started with DNN, as the logical choice for its robust security and out-of-the-box capabilities as a mobile responsive, multi-portal capable CMS. Design was done by Clarity, then handled with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Additional functionality came by way of JQuery, Javascript, Telerik and an MSSQL database on the backend.

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