Dude Solutions

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The Client

To some, the name Dude Solutions may seem a bit… comical. However, when you see the cost savings, efficiency gains and operational improvements we deliver for our clients, you'll quickly realize that our products and services are seriously good.

The idea of “The Dude” began when Kent Hudson and Lee Prevost started mapping out the company. In every organization, there seems to be that one person – male or female – who knows precisely the best way to get things done. Your go-to person. The problem solver. The doer. We wanted our clients to think of us as a part of the extended team and we wanted to make interacting with our solutions as easy and as inviting as having a chat with your resident asset operations expert. Thus, The Dude was born.


Existing Problems

Dude solutions has been on DNN for a few years. They started with an internal resource to work on their web development. As their community started to grow, so did their online community and portal needs. This caused Dude to revamp their entire corporate image and delivery of digital assets. Their internal resources didn't have the custom development capabilities to carry out their new online plans and went looking for DNN development experts, which is how they found Clarity.

Our Solutions

Clarity jumped in and performed all of the new branding design and development for their mobile responsive site on the DNN Evoq platform. Clarity then did some additional custom development work to help improve the management, searching and sorting of all their digital assets, including building out custom navigation and UI/UX. Based on the success of that project, Dude decided to engage Clarity to enhance the community capabilities of their site (specifically around segmentation) for Evoq Engage, which adds all of the Social Community capabilities of a true community platform.

Dude Solutions

Custom Portal & Community Platform

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The Benefits

Dude has one of the largest engaged technical communites online, serving the needs of more than 10,000 client organizations. The new website provides custom navigation, making it easy for clients to find assets by either searching, filtering, industry, and more. The new design is now consistent and pervasive across their online properties and the newly implemented community platform provides a true community experience, including idea sharing, gamification, public and private chat rooms, forums, and much more.




Clarity started with the base DNN Evoq Content platform and building out the rest via custom developed modules. The responsive template was built in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap on a MSSQL database. To add in all the Social capabilities, Clarity upgraded the site to the new DNN Evoq Engage platform (formerly DNN Social), which provides the ideas, forums, chat rooms, gamification features.

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