Cervicaldisc.com (LDR)

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The Client

LDR Medical (now Zimmer Biomet) is a prominent leader in spine surgical products worldwide. Their previous website was holding the company back in a few key areas, including global organization of product information and user experience via visitor flow and design. LDR asked Clarity to revamp its entire online presence from portal structure to multi-language capabilities to a new design to custom modules that show off the company's wide product range. LDR submitted the Clarity site for the 2014 Aster Awards, which allow healthcare and medical companies and marketing agencies to compete for marketing excellence awards globally. This was LDR's first submission and the Clarity-designed and built site won a global Silver Award (Silver Aster Awards), and two Gold Awards (MVM & Web Health Awards). Congratulations LDR! We're excited to be a part of your success.


Existing Problems

LDR is a global medical device manufacturing company, founded in France many years ago. Clarity has been working with them for years and has built 7 websites, with 6 unique languages (Each country has it's own "FDA" so each website has a unique set of devices approved). When their new Mobi C product was approved in the states, they needed a user experience that they could easily market that wouldn't get lost within their global product portfolio.

Our Solutions

To help with marketing, Clarity did an SEO competitive analysis and found that Cervicaldisc.com was available so they purchased it. This allowed the team to circle their marketing efforts (branding, SEO, digital and print marketing, unique messaging) around the actual device. This lead to a very clean marketing campaign with high keyword visibility. Clarity then built a user-friendly mobile responsive website with a completely different design and experience from their website. We then went back and added a mobile portal to handle the large percentage of mobile users in the medical field.


3-time Award-winning Medical Website

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The Benefits

The first benefit is the flexibility to market the site. As described above, having a unique product site, makes it easy to track all visitors, conversions, and marketing expenses directly to the efforts for that product. From a website perspective, 1/2 of the audience the client is trying to market to with the site is different than their visitors to their corporate site. So Clarity built a completely different UX designed just for this new group. Graphics, videos, wizards, forms and everything was completely tailored to this new potential consumer of their product. Another secondary UX was designed for the surgeons that would use this device for their patients. So their's a login, with additional access to unique information for this group. Finally, since more than 1/2 of their audience visits the site from a mobile device, instead of just making the site responsive, which Clarity did, for the mobile phones that can't gain the full wizard experience designed on the site, we created a mobile site just for them.




This website was built using DNN Evoq Content on ASP.Net and MSSQL. Telerik Controls were utilized in order to improve the development process of the ASP.Net platform. Modernizr was used so that the site's CSS could respond to browser behavior. JavaScript and jQuery were both developed to achieve particular site functions. HTML5 and CSS3 gave us the custom control for the responsive and mobile sites and unique menus.

aspnet css3 evoq html5 javascript mssql telerik bootstrap jquery