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The Client

When it was launched in 2003, readers and advertisers immediately realized that Surface & Panel was more than just a new magazine... it's a new way to look at the panel based furniture industry. Borders are blurring. No matter where your plants or markets are, companies from across the globe have access to the same technology, the same substrates, the same overlays and the same hardware that you do. The difference is how you bring it all together. Rising to this challenge requires putting the varied materials and technologies of our industry into context with successful design and marketing of finished products. This is precisely what Surface & Panel is dedicated to deliver. Our fresh approach springs from the core belief that launched Surface & Panel. Today's markets reward only the most agile and innovative.


Existing Problems

While most print businesses are moving to online media, the move is one fraught with challenges. It's relatively easy to purchase and build an online property and plaster it with content, however, it's entirely another challenge to create a beautifully designed online property, that you can sell advertizing space on, then track the performance of those ads, so you can continue to sell more and get new ads subscriptions. We've all seen a design magazine, that has literally hundreds of small, medium and large print ads and promotions in it. Splashed with tons of semi-related content throughout, a Table of Contents on the front pages and you're done. Replicate that entire business online, was the client's request for Clarity.

Our Solutions

The first point of business was to see the online magazine that they were selling, as well as review all of the print ads and content from multiple releases of the magazine. Part of the issue was that the magazine itself would be "for purchase" and hidden behind a purchased subscription login, so couldn't be a part of the design. The design was highly modern, with a ton of locations for sponsorships, event calendars, vendor-submitted product content, showcased products, SEO and content administration. Dozens of custom ad modules needed to be created to handle all the different ways companies may want to purchase and display their ads.

Surface & Panel

Uniting Materials, Technology & Design

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The Benefits

As a highly customizable CMS, Clarity selected DNN Evoq as the CMS and created a number of custom DNN modules for the ads (rotating banners, right and left sidebars, header and footer placements, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full page ad placements and most importantly, a way to monetize and track the conversions of the ads that ran. The design was highly modern and matched the feel of the print magazine, providing tons of places the client could showcase their products, The final big piece was to get the right search, navigation and SEO configuration to help drive online traffic and conversions for the business.




The site is written on DNN's .NET CMS. Custom modules, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap all provide the front-end design pages. It's backend is stored in a Microsoft SQL database for security and performance.

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