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The Client

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Detroit, BHPI is a nonprofit Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO). BHPI offers expert behavioral care management, medical coordination and chronic behavioral condition management. We are fully accredited through NCQA as a MBHO, and CARF as a Behavioral Health Business Network. BHPI provides collaborative solutions by building strong partnerships with health plans, health systems, community mental health organizations, and employer groups. BHPI is making behavioral and physical healthcare integration a reality by utilizing Healthcare Engagement Teams to pull together our staff, behavioral health providers, health plan staff, and physician’s office staff to “surround” patients with care.


Existing Problems

When BHPI first contacted Clarity, they were extremely unhappy with their existing CMS. They said it was clunky and the old site's design and navigation were terrible and dated. They also needed a platform that could have child portals and dynamic content, making it easy to have secure portals, integrated with their Active Directory, and control which content was displayed for specific members and providers. They also wanted to update the look and feel, as well as all the graphics to be more representative of who they are and better represent their brand.

Our Solutions

Clarity chose the DNN platform, as it already provides the ability to have child portals, dynamics content and more right out of the box. We then wrote a custom module to provide SSO (single-sign on) integrated with their Active Directory server. Clarity also built a custom Provider Finder, with advanced search on top of a new clean and fresh design, mobile responsive template. Clarity then replicated and modified two additional child portals, making a total of three sites (public-facing site, employee portal, provider portal).


Coordinate and Manage Quality Consumer-centered Healthcare

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The Benefits

The new design provided a great platform that is mobile responsive and represents their up to date branding. The SSO Active Directory integration allows them to quickly and easily create and assign employees, providers, patients, etc. to AD group, with associate rights and roles, which translates directly to access to different content and portals in DNN, all through a single login. The clean navigation provides a single starting point for all visitors, easily guiding them to their respective area or portal. The Provider search engine allows advanced searching for many custom fields (i.e. location, practice, specialty, etc.), and finally Clarity trained their team on DNN so they could easily maintain and update their portals.




The portals are all built on the DNN Evoq platform, using HTML5, CSS3, Telerik and Bootstrap for the mobile display. The backend is on a Microsoft SQL database for security and performance.

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