Mechanics Bank

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The Client

In a vacant store front near the corner of 3rd and Macdonald Avenue, a small bank opened its doors in 1905. Soon after, that bank would take on a name based on its association with the workers of Richmond’s two largest employers at the time, Standard Oil and the Santa Fe Railroad. Under the leadership of local businessman and banker E.M. Downer, it would not only survive the Great Depression and two world wars, but it would also grow and prosper in step with the Bay Area, serving the needs of local businesses and families. Now, more than a century later, that bank – Mechanics Bank – continues the legacy of commitment based on one man’s principles of building lasting relationships, enriching local lives and local communities, driving local economic growth and exceeding client’s expectations every day.


Existing Problems

Although their banking practices were top notch, their online banking practices weren’t up to par with them. They needed a fresh and easy to use design, mobile responsive for their mobile customers, with the ability to provide mobile banking services, ATM and Branch locator, loan applications, account status, and much more.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with professional design, using elements from their company’s history and branding. Then a clean and powerful mega menu was constructed, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. A powerful search engine, tons of information pages, clean navigation, integration with an ATM/Branch locator API, company BIOs and history and much more.

Mechanics Bank

Custom DNN site w/ ATM & Branch Locator

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The Benefits

The first was the simplification of navigation. Users can now quickly log in, find an ATM, search through hundreds of services and learn more about their branch in a matter of minutes. The integration shows online ATMs that accept their card with no additional service fee and provides an integration for directions to any ATM or Branch. Users can manage their accounts, apply for loans, check the status of an application and much more.




Custom designed DNN site with locator integration, custom BIO and gallery modules, integrated banking services, CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery.

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