Bestway Rent To Own

Design • eCommerce • Multi-lingual

The Client

Bestway has been engaged in the rental-purchase industry since 1986. The Company owns and operates a total of 82 stores located in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.


Existing Problems

Interestingly, about 1/4 of all new Clarity projects are companies that started a project with another vendor and the project didn't get done. This was the situation with Bestway. For technical and ability reasons, Bestway couldn't continue the project with that vendor.

Our Solutions

Lucky for them, they had already hired Clarity for another project and asked if we could step in and finish the project, which took another three months. It included a ton of graphic and design work, building out a product catalog and custom navigation, as well as Mailchimp integration, request forms and more.

Bestway Rent To Own

Furniture ~ Appliances ~ Electronics ~ Computers

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The Benefits

The first was that Bestway was able to launch their new multi-lingual website, which not only vastly improved their dated design, but added many new features and capabilities, helping Bestway grow their business with follow-on targeted marketing and more. The new platform also provided a design that can support mobile devices, which project is underway now.




The new site is built on WordPress CMS, which is a PHP platform. Additional technologies are used for targeted marketing, social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Google analytics and Google maps. Technologies include JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and more. eCommerce by Woocommerce.

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