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The Client

Saulsbury is a national leader in providing engineering, construction, fabrication and services to heavy industrial clients across a wide range of industries: Gas Processing & Treatment; Refining; Petroleum / Petrochemicals; Power (Fossil & Nuclear); Mining; Manufacturing; and, Terminals / Logistics. Their projects range from small to hundreds of millions of dollars. Coordinating all of the documents between their staff, field engineers, project managers, sales managers, procurement officers, vendors and contractors was an unmanageable daunting task.


Existing Problems

Due to the size and length of many of their projects, Saulsbury Industries may have as many as 500 documents to coordinate with 500 different people on a single project. Imagine 20 projects, or 50. Saulsbury needed a Project Management portal based on a simple-to-use document management system, that could securely handle their thousands of documents, both internally and with their contractors.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with porting over a site template. Clarity had just finished building Saulsbury a newly designed corporate website, and they wanted that consistent look and feel for the portal. Clarity built out a custom UI/UX for the users, so the steps needed to post, view, download and subscribe to a document(s) was intuitive and didn’t create un-needed phone calls to the corporate office. Clarity designed the help documentation into the design and recorded a support video to walk a user through the experience.

Saulsbury Industries

Built on 47 Years of Diversity

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The Benefits

Saulsbury, after more than 45 years, finally had a platform that could securely manage their many projects with thousands of documents. Allowing users to subscribe to any document, providing automatic notifications for the field engineers when corporate had updated a design, agreement, or posted a new document, or for corporate, when a contractor got a document signed by the client. The management tool selected made it easy for anyone in the process to post and manage documents, while the role and scope based engine made it secure.




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