City of San Antonio


The Client

San Antonio, officially the City of San Antonio, is the seventh most populated city in the United States of America and the second most populated city in the state of Texas, with a population of 1,409,019. The city’s government agencies between them manage over 270 websites. Along with all those sites, came all the issues around the logistics of managing and securing so many web properties.


Existing Problems

The City approached Clarity, as one of the nation’s top DNN experts, looking for a full blown audit of their CMS, network, security strategy, content management for all 270 websites. They routinely broke or crashed their sites with what they thought was common day-to-day edits or upgrades. Often, one site issue would affect or render them all affected. With so many disparate sites, there were thousands of people that needed to be able to edit something on the site, which exposed them to constant stability issues.

Our Solutions

Clarity spent several months of investigation, documenting all of their site, security, internal, training and performance problems. From their, we prioritized and built out an agile sprint roadmap addressing each item, from restructuring the network security and performance planning, to building up a mirror staging environment so edits and upgrades could be staged and tested before pushing to production. Clarity created numerous training videos and user guides, training the trainers so that every organization had both internal and back up resources needed to properly edit and maintain the sites. Finally, Clarity evaluated the user experience and navigation for their sites, and provided a detailed strategy for improving access for all their sites to the city’s residents.

City of San Antonio

City of San Antonio


The Benefits

First, Clarity helped the City upgrade every site to the latest version of DNN, and stood up a mirror staging environment, which dramatically reduced risk and overhead, provided a stable infrastructure, improved resource allocation and spend planning, and improved user output with the same resources. The sites all benefited from an improved and stable network, better security and improved user experience, which increased visitor stickiness and adoption. Clarity made sure their employees were adequately trained to make edits and keep the sites up to date. A new network security, performance and scaling plan was designed so the City knew exactly what their future costs would be and what would trigger each upgrade.



MS SQL Server, IIS, Windows server, various security tools, Visual Studio, Load Impact, Acumedics, PCI/DSS, DNN (DotNetNuke) Evoq Content and many more.

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