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The Client

A design firm approached Clarity as a partner to build a custom solution that they had designed for a client. Clarity used their eCommerce and Integration platforms and built an online store, re-ordering portal with a native real-time integration with the client's ERP back-office system, improving user experience, increased sales and big reduction in administration.


Existing Problems

A design firm, specializing in Medical websites had been contracted by Handimedical to design them a website specifically suited for an older crowd. This meant section 508 compliance, cleaner design, specialized page templates, layouts and removing all clutter. The only problem was that they needed a partner that could handle not only building the site they designed, but could implement an eCommerce solution and integrate it with the client's back-office ERP system. To add a little spice to the project, the medical ERP was out of the Phillipines, which posed some unique issues during development. The checkout cart was highly customized to handle insurance payments, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Our Solutions

Clarity used their eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce™, and built out the store. They added in extra controls for grid and list views to remove clutter, added Section 508 tags and descriptions, created a custom UI so the end users could search and retrieve all past orders, both for making re-ordering easier, but because many of the clients needed their medical expenses for their taxes. Clarity Connect™ was used to do their custom real-time integration with their back-office ERP system and we topped it off linking to all their social accounts.

Handi Medical Supply

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The Benefits

From day 1 of launching the new site, the client said that their users were extremely happy with the usability of the new product catalog. They said that the checkout process with dramatically simplified, but they were most happy about the ability to search and find any past order and use it to automatically re-load the cart with the same items, adjust the quantity and re-order. The client said the back-end administration and reporting reduced the management of their system by more than 100%, specifically siting the improved automation with the ERP integration.




Clarity eCommerce™ for the eCommerce platform. Clarity Connect™ for the shipping, sales tax and ERP integrations. Microsoft ASP.Net for custom e-commerce development. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for scalablility and performance. DNN Content Management System for enterprise level CMS. Certified search engine optimization to deliver top SEO results. Angular and Telerik controls to make usability faster and cleaner.

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