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Customize User / Partner Experience with Multi-Store

When your company needs to deliver seperate and targeted shopping experiences, you need a multi-store eCommerce platform, such as Clarity eCommerce. Clarity eCommerce offers this functionality of multiple portals with unique branding, functionality, and/or experiences for the consumer or the store within a store model, similar to the many seller stores within Amazon. This solution will increase conversion rates, increase average order value, and offer brand unique experiences that keep customers happy and coming back.

There are numerous multi-vendor marketplace models that you may be interested in. The first is similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, where each person selling items can sign up for their "own store" which really just adds their products in with all the other products, to make them available to the site search and product comparison. After that, a user can favorite your store, communicate with you via the "Ask a Seller a Question" feature, click on your store name and filter the store to only show products that you offer, and finally not only rate your products, but rate you as a seller.

Another multi-vendor marketplace platform use is the franchise multi-store model. One implementation like this of ours is New Horizons Computer Learning Centers franchise multi-store. This model allows each franchise to have their own URL / storefront, yet be "connected" to the franchise or franchise group. This hierarchy allows the Corporate franchise to share products, content, and pricing with the franchises, yet allows each franchise to accept, reject or translate that information before posting to their own sites. It can also allow each franchise store to localize content, set their own pricing, graphics, messaging and more.

Another model is the branded customer portal model. This is where you have your own corporate storefront, but your customers can log in and have their own branded storefront. This means that when their users log in, it re-skins the store, filters the catalog to only those products that they've approved for their company users to purchase, and can apply any type of workflow logic, such as assigning purchasing limits and approvals, notifications to internal billing and much more.

Clarity's eCommerce platform is designed to be customized to meet and deliver on any of your multi-store or multi-vendor eCommerce needs. Give us a call today, and we'll be happy to discuss your project. Click to read more about the Benefits & Business Value of a Robust Multi-store eCommerce Platform.


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