Overview of CRM Integration with ASP.NET eCommerce

CRM Integration with ASP.NET e-CommerceIn this competitive world, businesses are in a race to find the best and most productive methods to woo new customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce, is one the most popular recent methods in this computer age for achieving this goal.

What is CRM and How Does It Work?

CRM is actually one of the newer software products available which enables businesses to have a better and more meaningful relationship with their customers. The ASP.NET framework from Microsoft has become a handy tool for effectively implementing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. In fact, Microsoft has taken the lead in integrating Dynamics CRM with ASP.NET eCommerce, which has revolutionized the eCommerce trade.

ASP.NET CRM Integration Capabilities

ASP.NET is a versatile tool which enables the use of CSharp (C#), HTML, Jscript and even OOP (Object Oriented Programming), which is not found in many other frameworks. The XML enables the user to have more orientation for manipulation and a user-friendly configuration. ASP.NET has a huge class library which enables the user to access the most detailed data with ease. The Class Library is actually an MSDN library which also provides tutorials as the user proceeds. This support enables the user to move forward with their configuration work easily. To learn more about custom ASP.NET development and CRM Implementation, give Clarity a call today.

With ASP.NET, there is greater scalability and flexibility provided in the workstation. Users of ASP.NET are unanimous in their opinion that CRM on ASP.NET is customizable  and user friendly. It is easy to deploy for any field or industry, whether you're in manufacturing or service, and its cost effective too.

Specialists in ASP.NET eCommerce Integration into Microsoft CRM

Clarity has assembled a team of experts who have become specialists in customizing websites and web applications on the ASP.NET platform. On the eCommerce front, the CRM Website integration with ASP.NET provides an excellent opportunity to track real time orders, utilize multiple currency applications and monitor the tracking delivery schedule. In fact, it can also incorporate FedEx shipping label generation. The CRM 2011 workstation can be integrated with GP and NAV. Users around the world are of the opinion that CRM Integration with ASP.NET eCommerce is the next generation for Customer Relationship Management.