In the world of eCommerce website design, there are few things more important than proper SEO optimization. Search engine optimization is a sophisticated process involving a wide range of techniques designed to help maximize your eCommerce website’s visibility to search engine spiders and gain better page rank through search results (as opposed to paid placement). In order to achieve optimum SEO, it’s vital that you work with search engine optimization consulting services like Clarity Ventures. We can help you achieve the visibility that you need.

Why Does SEO Matter?

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While SEO optimization has long been a hot topic, quite a few website owners remain unaware of its importance. On top of this, changes with Google’s algorithm (most notoriously the Panda/Farmer update) have caused some confusion. Does SEO still matter with the new changes in place? Yes! In fact, it matters more than ever. The only real change is that Google now demands that you have real, useful content on your site and will penalize you for duplicate and junk content. Of course, that only applies to one aspect of on-page SEO – there are far more applications here. Clarity Ventures can help you achieve the search engine optimization needed, both on page and off.

Get a Guarantee

Any time you consider working with search engine optimization consulting services, you need to get a guarantee concerning the boost in traffic that you will see. While no one can say explicitly, “You’ll get X new visitors each day,” you should get a promised percentage increase in your website traffic. Only work with search engine optimization consulting services that will stand behind their processes with a promise of increased traffic.

Access to Information Is Vital

Clarity Ventures can give you the boost in traffic you need to achieve online success.

So, how do you verify the results of your search engine optimization? Consulting services should provide you with access to information to see those results. That information should be pretty specific, too. A sheet of paper with the number of new visitors doesn’t cut it. You need verifiable information about those visiting your B2B eCommerce website, such as business name, address, the duration of their stay on your site, the pages they visited and more.

Clarity Ventures can give you the boost in traffic you need to achieve online success with the help of our professional SEO services. Our DotNetNuke developers can customize a search engine optimization plan that will increase your page rank and drive targeted traffic right where you need it.

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