Overview of Centricity Integration

Although GE Healthcare’s EMR software is designed to integrate health records into a healthcare provider’s business systems and website in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it does not contain a built-in system to do so. Centricity requires a third-party platform in order to carry out this integration, which makes records available to patients, insurance companies and authorized medical staff efficiently and securely.

Although GE Healthcare began phasing out its hospital EMR software, it is currently in use around the country and will continue to be used in clinics and practices focusing on ambulatory care. Integration through Clarity Connect offers a bridge through which the providers may take advantage of the incentives provided through the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2099 (HITECH) by offering a patient-accessible website.

Benefits of Clarity Connect

Integrating a healthcare website with internal business systems through Clarity Connect provides a host of benefits for healthcare providers, patients and ancillary agencies. When the process is complete, records stored in Centricity can be accessed directly by patients and insurance companies to eliminate the need for lengthy telephone calls and sending hard copies through the mail. It also allows doctors access to records from any computer with an Internet connection or even through mobile applications.

Ultimately, EMR integration streamlines the entire business and makes all of the following possible:

∙ Share patient records securely and in accordance with ISO standards, including Health Level Seven (HL7)
∙ Streamline billing processes with auto-filled fields and electronic submissions
∙ Use apps such as Skype and instant messaging to manage communications
∙ Engage patients in healthcare processes, results and treatments
∙ Improve accuracy
∙ Save on internal costs