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Combining Cerner with Clarity Connect provides a scalable environment that facilitates growth in the medical industry by offering the flexibility, efficiency and security necessary to serve both healthcare providers and their patients across diverse locations. Clarity’s experienced team of developers is ready to help medical institutions and organizations move into the digital age with EHR integrations that meet their unique requirements and grow with them as they acquire new patients. Whether you are looking for an EHR integrated eCommerce implementation or a HIPAA compliant website connected to your Cerner EHR, Clarity has the tools and experience required to make your project a success. 

Clarity eCommerce with Cerner EHR

eCommerce Built for Medical Applications

Data collection and aggregation for an EHR integration differs from a standard eCommerce format and therefore requires unique input fields. In addition to basic patient contact information, health records need to include information about visits, diagnostic notes, account details and a full list of all the providers in a patient’s healthcare network. EHR integrations also keep track of all devices and equipment used by doctors and patients throughout courses of treatment. This comprehensive picture of a patient’s medical history is extremely important when it comes to minimizing the chance of error. According to, 40 percent of doctors report that EHR integrations helped bring potential medical mistakes or drug interactions to their attention.

Set Up For Success

Using Cerner to integrate medical information from a variety of providers improves the quality of patient care and supports growth in the healthcare sector. Clarity has worked with half a dozen clients to implement Cerner’s EHR solutions using Clarity Connect. As a result, these organizations have been able to file patents and go through IPOs, and many are meeting or exceeding FDA requirements.

Tailored to Drive YOUR Business

The combination of our experienced consultants, custom developers, and hands on approach help your market strategy flourish. Clarity specializes in delivering a custom-tailored eCommerce solution that’s designed specifically to fit your unique needs. When customization and integration are key to your business, off-the-shelf platforms simply won't suffice.


HIPAA Compliant Web Development

Multiple layers of security help healthcare institutions that rely on EHR to maintain compliance with HIPAA. HIPAA has a specific Security Rule that lays out minimum security requirements to ensure the privacy of all health information stored and transmitted electronically. The rule is meant to maintain confidentiality for patients by preventing all forms of data compromise and provides a list of safeguards, standards and procedures that institutions must implement to support that goal.

As part of a comprehensive security plan for maintaining compliance, the Clarity platform acts as a link between data storage centers and health care providers. Using Clarity Connect with Cerner maintains HIPAA-compliant security and privacy by providing a “middleman” so that no institution ever winds up with information that it isn’t entitled to access or store.

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Quick response time is essential in an EHR system. Any lag in the speed of uploading or retrieving information could have serious consequences in an emergency situation. Using a central platform like Clarity Connect to bridge the gap eliminates lag to allow for real-time updates and nearly instantaneous retrieval.

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Sending data through multiple applications as it travels between locations requires tight security to prevent it from being lost or compromised. Clarity uses SSL to maintain patient privacy while transferring data from Cerner’s EHR platform, and data sanitization to ensure that only required information is transmitted.

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IP Blocking

Blocking unauthorized IP addresses from accessing patient data adds another layer of security that helps to address potential problems that may arise from an EHR system’s patient access features. Malicious third parties may also attempt to gain access to information during transmission. IP blocking prevents this by refusing connections from known threats, effectively shutting down attacks before they can happen.

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Utilizing Cerner API

The API behind Cerner’s EHR software uses the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Specification to ensure that it operates under compliance with HL7, a qualification necessary to meet the strict standards of HIPAA. The API also provides a great deal of flexibility for healthcare networks to customize the platform to meet specific needs.

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Flexible Technology

By allowing for integration of a wide range of applications, it’s possible to create an interconnected network that can handle the changing demands of the healthcare industry. As technology advances and options such as e-prescriptions, online refilling and the use of mobile devices in clinical settings become commonplace, this level of flexibility will be necessary to ensure a high quality of care for all patients.

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The Right Platform

Clarity provides technology that already include inputs related to the medical industry, a distinction that sets it apart from other platforms. This minimizes the time it takes to set up and implement a Cerner integration, providing fast access and reliable functionality without the need for lengthy customizations.

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