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eCommerce Features that Help Businesses Sell, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell 

Benefits of related products, product comparisons, and featured items eCommerce features

eCommerce productsWith the increased popularity of selling online, getting customers to simply visit your site can feel like a major accomplishment. However, at that point you have only won half the battle. The next step is to get customers to actually shop and add items to their cart. To encourage this, you need to have some great eCommerce features that draw customers in, help them find what they are looking for, and encourage them to spend more. Adding eCommerce features such as related products, featured items, and product comparisons can help you sell more products and better satisfy your customers.

Related Products 

Related products refer to items that your eCommerce store sells that are in the same category as the product the customer is viewing, or can be used in conjunction with that product. The related product feature is usually put on product pages and sometimes used to up-sell, or get shoppers to buy a more expensive or more profitable product than the one that they are viewing. The related product feature can also be put on the cart page to cross-sell, or encourage buyers to add extra items to their shopping carts. Using the related product feature can help you sell more, increase your revenue, and become more profitable. Customizable eCommerce solutions will allow you to configure and name this feature however you would like. You can manually choose which related items are displayed for which products, or allow the system to choose them for you.

Featured Items and Categories 

As an eCommerce store, you can use a featured items element in a number of different ways on your eCommerce site. Some use their featured items section to promote their best sellers while others use their featured items to sell goods that aren’t selling as well as they expected them to. Featured items can also be used to showcase products that will appeal to the most buyers and potential buyers. Using data gathered with Business Intelligence tools, you can also determine what products give you the highest margin after expenses like shipping, rate of returns, etc. are factored in and promote those products on your site. Below is another example of how to use featured items, one of Clarity’s clients uses their featured items section to show and promote seasonal goods and merchandise, which helps keep their featured items fresh and new all the time.

 Featured Products

Product Comparison 

Another beneficial eCommerce feature for both buyers and sellers is product comparison. Product comparison allows customers to easily evaluate multiple products on one page. Usually customers are able to first select multiple items that they are looking for that are similar to one another. Then, pressing the compare button can take them to a separate page that lines the products up side by side, with pictures of each shown along with their features listed. From there, customers can easily see the differences and judge which best fits their needs. The product comparison feature helps customers determine the product that is just right, leading to satisfied customers and less returns. In the video below, you can see one example of how this feature might be presented in a Clarity eCommerce implementation. 

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know eCommerce. For nearly a decade, we have been creating custom eCommerce sites and providing our clients with the latest eCommerce tools and technologies. Clarity eCommerce, our eCommerce platform created by our expert developers, is highly customizable and offers numerous features that can help your eCommerce business succeed. To find out more about related products, featured items, or product comparisons or to speak with an expert about other great features that Clarity eCommerce offers, call or click to contact us today!