The Many Applications of C2C eCommerce

THE ERA OF C2C ECOMMERCE - From Customers to Customers

C2C eCommerce Marketplace: Where Everyone Wants to Be

C2C is a term many people in e-commerce have surely heard of! But what is it? C2C, which stands for Consumer to Consumer, is the exchange of products or services among consumers. The term also stands for Customer to Customer. Nowadays, we mostly use C2C when referring to trading goods online. A C2C online marketplace is the model of ancient commerce when people meet each other in streets or markets, sell their belongings, or exchange them, e.g., a goose for a dozen cheeses is a pretty fair trade. Before the Internet was discovered, people would participate in C2C commerce at a flea market. Flea markets used to be an outdoor market where people sell second-hand items, antiques, etc. eBay, for example, is a popular platform for C2C transactions.

Before diving into specific examples and applications, it is reasonable to revisit the term of C2C eCommerce. Whereas the usual idea of commerce and online commerce involves a company entity and a buyer, the C2C concept involves customers (or consumers).

In this business model, both the person who sells the merchandize (seller) and the consumer are customers of the platform which facilitates the transaction. The Internet is a place for opportunities without limits. And it broadens your market's borders from world's one end to another. Now we call it an e-commerce marketplace, which is the same as an online shop. And as you can imagine, there are many of these platforms available online. In this article, we will bring out the most popular C2C e-commerce marketplace applications.


From the 90s to the C2C eCommerce Future

So what is eBay exactly? eBay is an e-commerce marketplace to buy and sell items. It allows its users to put items for sale and other users to bid on them in online auctions. eBay is also trendy for online consumers to use as a sales channel. It is available in many countries. By the way, you can enter your country's zip code and search for products available in your local area. There is also an option; you can search for products available nationally or internationally. Opening an eBay account is free, and anyone can have it. You can choose to sell as well as buy products. When you have a seller account, fees apply to it, for example, listing fees. The costs differ on the price you sell your products for and how long you list them. EBay's advantage is that the businesses can communicate their brands better via the web pages they have customized. If you have decided to open an e-commerce store, eBay is the best start and one of the top C2C e-commerce marketplace applications.

Amazon is the biggest and most used online marketplace. Users can buy items from Amazon directly or from third-party sellers through Amazon. These orders are delivered using standard courier services worldwide. Amazon also sells its line of technology products. There are three ways to use Amazon:

Online Shopping

Amazon and its third-party seller offer a wide variety of items. Your chances are very high to find what you are looking for. When you find what you want to buy, add it to your shopping cart and fill in all the info they request. Once you have made your order, it will come straight to your door.


Amazon allows third parties to sell their products using their website. It doesn't matter if you want to sell a few items or a lot; Amazon will help you do it. Based on how much you have sold, Amazon will deposit to your bank account.

Digital Products

Amazon is now an online marketplace and a manufacturer of cuddling edge digital devices and services. Amazon's most famous product is the e-Reader Kindle. Amazon is great because you can find tons of different items and compare the prices to find the best deals

Craigslist is a form of C2C. You will be shocked as we have chosen Craigslist to put in our list, but wait until you find out that it started as a dating site. It was founded by a guy named Craig, Craig Newmark. He had a hard time dating girls, so he made a website and posted his couch photos with the heading "write-only female buyers." A woman wrote him back, then they dated, but it didn't work out. But Craig was obsessed with the idea. So he had sold all the things in his house to date girls with that method.

He for sure did not suspect that his name would one day appear in Forbes pages as a billionaire. You can post your ads, job announcements, renting properties, and anything else on this website. Using the site is as simple as can be.

Etsy is another C2C online marketplace, but it differs from others, focusing on handmade things and unique, vintage items. This shop is an excellent opportunity for artists worldwide to post their artworks and share trinkets they have made to earn money. Here you will find photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, toys, and all sorts of different crafts.

If you're a buyer here, there is nothing to teach you about the signing-in process. It isn't hard for the seller to take some regular steps to open an online shop. You create an account of a seller, enter your shop name, and choose a payment method. Pros suggest you focus on the products: the blog and advertising to bring in customers.

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How to Play and the Pay Off

Commerce is online, but you have to pay for the things you buy, and the payment methods are also online. There are many ways to pay for your items, but the most popular among them is PayPal. Paypal is an online payment system that transfers money online worldwide, and it is the alternative method of the old paper versions. You add your bank account details, credit card, or debit card, and whenever you pay via PayPal, you can always choose which of your cards or statements it pays from. Venmo is the mobile version of online payment owned by PayPal. Both of these payment methods are secure, so the customer won't be afraid of being scammed.

The Internet brings people closer, and it becomes easier to communicate. C2C online marketplaces make it possible to sell and exchange things on online platforms. The C2C e-commerce marketplace applications are real innovations for these deals.

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