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Manufacturing eCommerce Services and Solutions for Businesses

eCommerce may be aimed at direct customers (B2C) or at other businesses (B2B). It has allowed for great opportunities because it enables companies to earn huge revenues without many traditional upfront investments involving significant amounts of capital. Unlike the land based brick and mortar stores, there is no significant investment in real estate, facilities, labor, equipment, utilities, etc. because you can get started with a simple online marketplace or eCommerce website. For manufacturing firms, there are a variety of manufacturing custom eCommerce solutions available today that provide several great benefits.

Clarity eCommerce solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturing eCommerce Solutions Make it Easier for Customers to Interact with You

"With manufacturing eCommerce solutions, interaction with customers is faster and much simpler."

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Reduce Inefficiency and Complexity

With distribution eCommerce solutions, interaction with customers is much simpler. Whether you plan to use a standard eCommerce template or a complete custom-designed site, a solution from Clarity will allow your business to grow faster, at a lower cost and deliver a streamlined experience to your customers and partners. There are several advantages of using these solutions. You will be able to reduce the inefficiency and the complexity of your websites with a complete manufacturing solution, designed for future growth and customization. This will streamline your entire process and make it easier for you to track customer’s orders. You will also be able to provide better customer service and plan the order of manufacturing resources more timely. 


Innovative Features Offered by Manufacturing eCommerce Providers

Centralized Multi-store Administration

The manufacturing eCommerce integration offered by Clarity will allow you to create multiple online stores. You can sell different or duplicate products in these stores and handle them all in an integrated, single account with consistent rules. You may also consolidate all of your activities like product return management, customer support, order management, warehouse management, inventory management and customer support together into one smooth process. With our manufacturing solutions, you will also be able to offer items at different prices to various customers. It’s possible to offer discounts to specific customers and accept different modes of payment with our specialized eCommerce solutions.

There are two main multi-store models that Clarity eCommerce can provide. The first is similar to Amazon, where many sellers create a "store" by uploading their own products and setting their own prices. Their store is combined with everyone elses unless you click on the Seller, which then filters to display only the products within that seller's store. The design and user experience is still all Amazon though. The second model allows each store to have its own URL, style-skin-theme, products, pricing, marketing and contact pages (blog, articles, Contact Us, About, etc.).

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