Buying Group Specific Product Detail Pages

Tailor your Business to the Unique Buying Groups within your Marketplace Segment
Unique & Intuitive Product UI per Buying Group

Individual Buying Group Product Detail Pages

Product detail pages are capable of offering advanced information in an intuitive way. For the buying group, this is really critical because the product types will vary dramatically, making the needed information for a purchase vastly different.

Providing Details Where Details are Needed

Level of Detail

Think about purchasing a replacement part for a piece of equipment. This equipment could vary slightly based on a variety of factors. If you were to purchase the incorrect replacement part, there could be a critical bottleneck in your infrastructure. So, as a member of the buying group, it is very important to be able to find the right product quickly and effectively.

Being able to find the right product without having to directly contact customer support is key. You can do so by presenting the buyer with a clear form of wizard control or selector control, giving them the ability to find the exact product they need.

It may not be hard to find a new product, but understanding which variant you want compared to the competitors' product can be more challenging. As such, providing a clear comparison on the product detail page can be highly beneficial.

It’s important to be able to actually look at the resources that are available from the vendor to help convey an item's level of quality and its functionality. This could be via imagery, videos or other forms of documentation they can incorporate. Depending on the level of complexity of an item, it may need to be configured itself, such as color, size, or material. Providing information helping the customer choose the correct item is important.

Ultimately, the level of detail on the product detail page can change based on product type. As such, it's really important that the marketplace buying group platform that you evaluate has the ability to meet the end users’ needs and change the user interface depending on the product type. We strongly urge you to consider the type of product being presented, as you will want your software platform to be able to change the product detail page as needed.

Per Buying Group Prices & Availability

Pricing and Inventory

There are a few things to consider when providing information about a product's price. When making a purchase, the cost is a large determining factor for order completion. What is the base price? Is there a discount available? What are the requirements to obtain the discount? Having information easily accessed and very clear regarding this topic is key.

It is also important to consider whether or not the customer specific pricing information regarding inventory data and location information is going to be available. When making a bulk purchase, a customer may want to see the level of price break visually. Furthermore, there may be a deal if a certain quantity of an item is purchased in the same order; having this information show visually on the product detail page is important, as buyers can be driven to complete an order based on discounts like this.

Also, notify the customer when a discount that is auto applied has been applied to a specific item they have purchased or added to their cart. Similar to quantity discounts, this will let the buyer know that they have made a fiscally sound item choice.

In addition, it's also helpful to see inventory data on the product detail page, meaning the customer can stay up to date on whether or not an item is in stock. Or, depending on the business model, you may want to actually show the real inventory numbers or a buffered inventory. You could even show it based on location. Consider if the marketplace platform you are looking at can actually show that capability or have the capability of showing inventory at different locations.

Intelligently Provide Attributes, Videos, & More

Database Dynamic Data and Information

Many products will have different sets of data, so you need to consider if the data actually dynamically adjusts based on the content available for the product. So, for example, some items may have a detailed, rich set of attributes alongside an embedded video and an embedded HTML, but other products may not have any of that data available. As such, you do not want the show the unmet fields and take up valuable screen real estate of that product's detail page.

You want the page to look nice, presenting the product in the best light in hopes of encouraging a purchase. If the product does have rich content and detailed specs, make sure to find a way to cleanly implement the information onto the page. To help keep the page from becoming too cluttered, you may wish to have tabs on the detail page. You could set up different tabs for different sets of content, such as a tab for reviews or maybe training videos. There could be other tabs as well, such as an installation or an upgrade guide. Really, the information possibilities are endless. Consider what data is important to include for selling the product and keeping the consumers knowledgeable and confident in making a purchase.

Ultimately, the question is if the page, the product detail view, can modify itself to match the data. Is it dynamic, allowing the page to adapt based on the product's individual information?

Deciding on Which Pair of Shoes you Like Best

Product Comparison & Similar Products

In addition, it's quite common to need a comparison between products. So, consider showing similar products, allowing for the comparison of key features for the buyers to think about before making a purchasing decision. It is possible to dynamically modify that comparison; you could also let the user pick what items show up. How do you want the comparison items to be chosen?

There could be a related items or similar items section on the page, as well as an add-on section allowing buyers to purchase items that could go along with the primary item they are looking at. Furthermore, you could inform them if there is a kit or bundle including their desired item that is available for purchase that would have a bundle discount.

Improving Page Visibility & Optimization

Permission and Accessibility

It is important to look at whether or not a system has the ability to show all of this content in different browsers and if it is responsive for different screens. With the popularity of different electronic devices, such as tablets and mobile phones etc., you need to make sure the information is cleanly available for a variety of devices.

Also, you want to make sure there is good organic SEO, allowing for people to actually find the pieces of content you are providing. Having a detailed page optimized and leverages the best SEO practices with meta title information, headers, and product meta information is important. You want to make sure the product itself and the sitemap is up to date, bringing in page views.

And finally, it's also common for there to be permissions on products on the product detail page. You may not want to show pricing unless someone is a member or you may not even want to show certain products unless someone is part of a group that has permission to see said products. You could limit access based on all sorts of permissions, so consider if there will be any form of access limitations within your buying group eCommerce platform and your group purchasing marketplace.

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