Dynamics AX and Magento eCommerce Integration

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Connecting your Dynamics AX and Magento eCommerce Integration

Uncover the Benefits for your Business and Optimize Operations

Dynamics AX and Magento eCommerce integration can help businesses to deliver more value to their end-users. It can improve user experience without significantly increasing overhead. In fact, it can dramatically reduce overhead while improving customer satisfaction.

The integration process involves properly defining your business's processes and then automating where it makes sense. It will allow you to deliver relevant information and personalize the experience for the end-users. Automation can help improve customer experience without increasing the cost.

One of the most common things to bring in from dynamics AIX into Magento (and vice versa) is the catalog of products and categories, as well as any associated fields.

Whenever you integrate dynamics AX to bring data into Magento, there is generally a base set of data. It typically includes product information, metadata, attributes, any media or documentation, dimensional weight, etc. There are also pricing data. It could just be simple pricing, or a quantity-based price discount, or a more complex customer-specific discount. So, all of this base-level data must be pulled in from dynamics AX into Magento eCommerce.

Once the data is in Magento eCommerce, it is essential to enhance the data to make it web friendly. Moreover, all the data living in Magento eCommerce needs to be preserved whenever there are any new updates. These might include new products or updated information for existing products such as price change, warehouse location change, etc. All this data needs to be updated in real-time. Therefore, the extended information must be preserved.

Essentially, the question is, can your chosen platform customize business logic and set up specific data transformation rules? If yes, then it would preserve data were necessary between the integrations.

Experienced Partner

It is essential to work with an experienced partner to ensure a seamless integration process. It will be ideal if they have worked with the Dynamics AX or AIF application integration platform, and the Magento eCommerce APIs before. There are a lot of nuances with both of these sets of APIs. Each has different capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, partnering with someone who has successfully integrated with the resources both these applications have to offer is essential.

Enterprise Level Platform

We also recommend looking for an enterprise-level platform. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to pay an enterprise-level cost. It is only important that the platform offers scalability, security, and redundancy. Ultimately, it should cater to a growing business. It should allow for improvements over time.

A platform like this means you can start small and continue to build incrementally as your business grows. You can also start with a significant amount of integrations with infrastructure like this.

Common Entities to Integrate

Some of the common entities to integrate between dynamics AX and Magento include:

  • customers and accounts
  • categories, products, as well as product attributes and associations
  • sales, orders, invoices, and quote
  • shipments and shipment status
  • payments, users' and inventory location date
  • You can also bring in custom entities and fields.

Customers and Accounts

You can choose between a one way or a two-way integration for entities like customers and accounts. Customers and accounts are a very crucial area. It generally includes:

  • address information (both shipping and billing)
  • contacts- the contacts might be tied to Magento eCommerce users. They may also have specific roles or access.
  • Customer-specific pricing, including tax levels, and any tax exemptions,
  • Credit limits,
  • Order history data. An integration involving this entity is going to help the system give recommendations to users. It will also make it easier to reorder previously ordered items.


Some customers might prefer paying via the Magento eCommerce site as opposed to sending a cheque, making a phone call, etc. So, this integration will allow sending invoices from dynamics AVX into Magento eCommerce. After that, all the order and payment information will be sent back to dynamics AX, marking the order as paid. So, all the different information (taxes, customs, and duties, shipping fees, etc.) needs to be mapped into the appropriate fields inside dynamics AX. Therefore, your integration platform can perform intelligent data transformations.

Omni-Channel Integration

We support omnichannel integration so you can set up a multi-store integration. This will allow users to order online through the Magento eCommerce platform but pick up the order in-store. They may also split the orders so that some items are shipped, whereas others are picked up in-store. The customers may also bring the item back to the store for a refund. All this needs to make its way back into dynamics CX.

How Clarity can Help

Magento eCommerce and Dynamics AX Integration Specialists

If you have any more questions related to this topic, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced team. The Clarity team has a very friendly and knowledgeable sales and business development staff. They can provide a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to answering your questions and talking with you about your upcoming Dynamics AX and Magento integration project.

We also encourage you to go through the resources below. They have helpful information that covers other topics related to Dynamics AX and Magento integration, some of which can be helpful for your project. If there are topics that you do not see below, you are welcome to click on the ask the expert link. Our team will be happy to provide a technical response to any questions that you may have regarding those topics.

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