Syspro Integration to Magento eCommerce

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Performing a Magento eCommerce and Syspro Integration

Optimizing Business Development and Workflow Automation

Syspro integration to Magento eCommerce provides personalization for end-users while also automating processes. Syspro has a set of API endpoints that can leverage rest protocols. They are very specific when it comes to function and licensing.

Therefore, we highly recommend working with an expert who has completed a Syspro integration before. An experienced professional will know how to set up different processes. They will be aware of the detailed nuances of interacting between the Syspro API and the Magento web API framework.

The partner you choose should also have extensive experience from a business workflow process perspective. So, they can help you optimize your automated processes and focus the resources in the most beneficial areas. Essentially, it will ensure your setup is based on real-world experience. An experienced professional will also ensure the integrations are scalable, robust, and secure.

Selecting the Entities to Integrate Between Magento and Syspro

Enable Core Integrations and Design Around Business Needs

The integrations can be unidirectional or bi-directional. Moreover, they should be able to take advantage of off the shelf capabilities while also allowing customization of those capabilities. This would allow you to create integration processes that meet the needs of your business. So in many cases, customization involves taking off the shelf integrations and adapting them for your business.

Therefore with any integration, we recommend going through a detailed planning and discovery process. You must evaluate both the business workflows and the experience of a partner.

Evaluating off the shelf capabilities before choosing a partner can significantly lower the overall cost of your integration project.

Common Integrations

Some of the standard integrations include:

  • customers and accounts,
  • categories and products.
  • Sales orders,
  • Invoices, quotes, and payments,
  • Shipments and shipment status,
  • Users’ and warehouse locations,
  • custom entities and fields.

Product Catalog Data

The Magento eCommerce system can also have product catalog data including categories, product attributes, associations, kits, variance, and any custom entities in Syspro. Product data on Magento eCommerce may include product manufacturer information, dimensional weight, short descriptions, additional information, and images.

So with the integration, the detailed product information will be pushed into Magento, eCommerce from Syspro in real-time. It will also preserve any extended data in Magento that does not necessarily exist in Syspro. So whenever there are updates for product pricing and inventory data, that information inside of Magento eCommerce is going to be preserved.

The customers and accounts typically include addresses. These can be shipping and billing addresses, and contacts. There may be a hierarchy within the context. You can also form an association between the contact records and the users of your platform.

It also makes sense to bring in tax data on the account level. This might include tax exemptions, tax levels, and location data so there is specific tax information for each shipping location.

The invoices and quotes can sync between Syspro and Magento. The end-user can then pay for an invoice inside Magento eCommerce. After that, the payment information will go back into Syspro. It will show up as a completed order there.

Typically, once a user makes an order through Magento eCommerce, it will send both the overall order information and the detailed line item data to Syspro. It can include various selections, selected attributes, location information, possibly tax detail, split shipping/payments, etc. The information will also include all payment details and transactional information.

You can allow end-users to request customer support via Magento and then direct it back into Syspro. It could be in the form of a general question or note on the order. The request can also be something more detailed such as a refund, or a replacement. Nevertheless, the data can go back into Syspro and interact with the payment provider, for example, in case of a refund request.

User Sync

Whenever a new user is created in Magento, their user account will get associated with a customer record in Syspro. Magento eCommerce system will have the ability to associate a user record to an account. It can do it using a domain name, an account ID, or some other form of validation. Once the account is linked, it will enable customer-specific pricing and provide access to previous orders.


Magento and Syspro integration also offer omnichannel eCommerce. It allows you to get location data and specific details around inventory at each location. So you can easily transfer inventory between locations.

A proximity search will enable end-users to find the closest location where the item is available and confirm its inventory.

How Clarity can Help

Magento eCommerce and Syspro Integration Specialists

To conclude, there is an infinite number of possibilities with your Magento integration to Syspro. The clarity Connect platform and the clarity ventures team will work with you during your project to define a clear plan. Ultimately, setting up robust core integrations between Magento and Syspro will allow you to scale over time as your business grows. So you can continue to improve your offering to end-users, reduce costs, and increase your profitability as a business. If you have any more questions related to this topic, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced team. The Clarity team has a very friendly and knowledgeable sales and business development staff. They can provide a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to answering your questions and talking with you about your upcoming Syspro and Magento integration project. We also encourage you to go through the resources below. They have helpful information that covers other topics related to Syspro and Magento integration, some of which can be helpful for your project. If there are topics that you do not see below, you are welcome to click on the ask the expert link. Our team will be happy to provide a technical response to any questions that you may have regarding those topics.
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