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Tools that Optimize Your Online Sales and New Customer Acquisition

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Clarity eCommerce: Marketing That Performs


The  competitive landscape for enterprise eCommerce is crowded and, without a robust marketing strategy, you're simply another star in a universe of billions of competitors. Clarity's intuitive, built-in eCommerce marketing solutions give you the ability to take your online store supernova without breaking your back or the bank.

The Clarity eCommerce solution includes tools essential to online marketing such as SEO friendly design, social media integration, built-in content creation or blogging platforms, as well as a visually striking analytics dashboard which monitors your KPIs (key performance indicators). Save money and time when Clarity's platform automatically takes care of monotonous technical tasks so you can focus implementing marketing initiatives that attract new leads and more sales.


Streamline Your Digital Marketing with Advanced Analytics


The beauty of online marketing is that you can adapt and pivot your campaigns with astounding speed based on market and consumer trends or the overall effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the marketing campaign itself. However, without a platform that monitors all your key performance indicators, you'll waste money and miss out on opportunities. With a combined 400 years of marketing, eCommerce and web development experience, Clarity's solution was built to become a champion of your marketing success.
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Study Your Customers

Learn how your customers interact with your website so you can optimize your conversion funnel and drive more sales and revenue from your marketing campaigns. Understand what language and design strategies move more sales, interaction and convince customers to buy and keep coming back.
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Identify Your Most Valuable Audience

Discover which referrals drive the most traffic to your site and which segment of your customer base is the most valuable to you. Instead of wasting time, energy and money on traffic sources that don't convert, Clarity eCommerce allows you to be strategic with your marketing budget to get the highest ROI possible.
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Measure Your Success

Clarity's eCommerce platform makes it easy to measure which marketing initiatives are working and which are not. With advanced anallytics, you won't have to ask questions like "Am I creating and posting the right kind of content?" or "Is my email campaign driving traffic, sales and repeat customers?" or even "Why do I lose customers at X stage in my funnel?" With Clarity's solution analytics, you'll already know the answers.


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