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Why Do I Need Responsive Design for My ECommerce Website?


According to Forbes and eMarketer, mobile eCommerce increased 68% from 2012 to 2013, accounting for $42 billion, or 16% of total US eCommerce sales. With a CAGR of 28%, mCommerce (mobile commerce) sales are expected to reach over $100 billion, or around a fourth of total eCommerce sales, by 2017. Additionally, the average order value of transactions made on mobile devices exceeds that of traditional computer users. Furthermore, Nielsen data shows that US adults spend 7 more hours per month on mobile devices as opposed to desktops.

Many companies and clients we either talk to or read about get over 50% of their traffic from mobile devices. The mobile revolution isn't coming, it's already here and will continue to consume a greater and greater proportion of your internet traffic with a voracious appetite. Without responsive design, you will see your conversion rates plummet, your bounce rate rise, your marketing campaigns become less effective, and a general negative affect across all relevant metrics.

If you're a B2B eCommerce website, you may be thinking that you don't need to worry about mobile traffic as it doesn't make up a significant proportion of your web traffic. Here's why you need to rethink that assumption.


Increase the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing


Okay, so the majority of your visitors don't come from mobile traffic. Yet, you still generate leads through digital avenues, right? Take email, for example. 61% of emails were opened on a smartphone or mobile device (check out this article for more on responsive email design). As such, as much as 61% of email campaign traffic can be expected to come to your website from a mobile device and you can expect to lose about 70-80% of that traffic because of a lack of responsive website design. If you want your email campaigns to convert more qualified leads and give you a better ROI, you need to have a responsive website. You can find more great statistics on email and its usage by consumers on this article by EmailMonday.

All mobile devices come equipped with geo-location technology. This allows you to target prospective consumers in specific areas or at specific events, If your campaign is designed properly, the conversion rate and ROI of these campaigns can be extremely successful and lucrative. However, all these location based campaigns are useless without a mobile friendly website.

Using social media as a lead generation strategy? Without responsive website design, you're simply wasting money on social network marketing. Why? Because 71% of people use mobile devices to access social media, while there is some fluctuation higher or lower depending on the specific network. Even the golden child of B2B social marketing, LinkedIn, has become a mobile first platform.

There are many other marketing strategies that will not be as productive as they could with responsive eCommerce website design, and this trend will only increase and become more prominent in the future.


Clarity eCommerce: Built to Harness Mobile Prospects


Clarity's eCommerce solution is built with responsive design integrated into the fabric and framework of our online commerce website platform. Whenever you create new pages and add new products, they are automatically produced with responsive, mobile friendly design features. As an added bonus, with the Clarity eCommerce platform you also get the expertise of the Clarity team, experts in many fields including how to optimize your site and marketing strategies for the highest possible rate of conversion and ROI. Call Clarity today to see how you can harness the money making power of the mobile revolution instead of being left in the dust behind your competition.



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