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Headless Enterprise Implementations

One of the big benefits of Headless eCommerce is that it has the ability to offer a robust set of functionality that can adapt to enterprise requirements. A crucial challenge typically faced in this scenario is that an enterprise will generally have a strongly established business model and very specific expectations across different segments for the functionality of customer interactions.

Therefore, the business logic must ensure a high quality customer interaction, which translates in fulfilling customer expectations in terms of functionality and overall satisfaction. Having a Headless eCommerce system within an enterprise scenario is an extremely powerful tool because the Headless system can provide different functionality implementations for different parts of the enterprise.

For example, if a department is focused on service and support, the system can provide an interface that's focused around services. Support could even be oriented around answering questions, providing resources and knowledge sharing, in addition to actually providing purchasable products, services or blocks of services.

Focus and Benefits

Specific Headless Functionality

The primary focus would be the part of an organization that is heavily product-oriented and deals with actual, physical products. It might be more of a commoditized or transactional type of interaction and therefore won’t be as helpful to have a lot of information that might be perceived as redundant or not very specific to just purchasing a product.

The idea behind Headless eCommerce is that it can adapt and weave its functionality into different user interfaces to successfully match the experience the end user is looking for. Ultimately, this adaptability is a huge advantage of Headless eCommerce compared to a traditional eCommerce model.

Another benefit is the flexibility to match the needs of a very robust set of requirements, even on a splintered or just segmented eCommerce. In addition to having a lot of custom functionality needs met, it's also possible that a Headless eCommerce system can provide different parts of the organization with their own components and pieces of functionality. Segmentation within Headless eCommerce can be achieved in a way that, essentially, different stores, groups or account systems may be used.

Those different instances of the Headless eCommerce allow for specific functionality and settings among groups, stores or brands. Custom association enables a wide array of possibilities for each item, set, end user and staff.

Develop the Platform You Need

Flexible & Customizable eCommerce System

The above can also include payment processors, which may differ per store, group or part of the organization. An example might be for a franchise group that wants to offer franchisees access to an enterprise eCommerce platform. Each franchisee can have individual settings and configuration while still being able to leverage the overall capabilities of what the franchise has configured as default standard offerings. The franchisees might already have their own websites and capabilities but benefit from this as well.

In this scenario, having access to a very robust Headless eCommerce system and policies grants them access to readily available templates and designs. They are free to use them appropriately, without any mandatory requirements. This way, they can leverage the best practices and off-the-shelf capabilities but also override and make their own specific designs or functionality where applicable.

The ability to offer flexible solutions to different parts of the organization is extremely helpful for an enterprise, franchise, or a particular implementation with different business units that were previously independent businesses.

Even in cases where a completely separate business model is literally in place, the ability to leverage this remains. This eCommerce platform can achieve that by using the concept of different settings and configuration possibilities within the enterprise-wide eCommerce system. By leveraging a Headless eCommerce system, it's possible to not only adjust the user interface, but also to extensively adapt the overall settings for the different implementations based on the capabilities.

Reasons Why You Want Headless eCommerce

Powerful Offering for Enterprise Group

Headless eCommerce doesn’t only include the ability to customize and cater by store, business unit or group within a particular eCommerce platform; it also offers decoupled eCommerce in the form of an off-the-shelf user interface layer in a certain format that’s ready for use but isn’t required. A different user interface can be used, but there’s already one available by default for ease of access.

For example, there might be a very technologically adept group of programmers, user interface designers, and a team with lots of available resources who can actually implement a tailored user interface on a Headless eCommerce system.

On the other hand, there may be a new division just starting out that really needs to take advantage of the decoupled portion of the eCommerce system and use designs that are already available off-the-shelf. Without expending resources and pouring an investment into making it an exact match for their branding or styling.This is the power of the overall eCommerce system.

How Can Clarity Help

Clarity Headless Enterprise Experts

The setup of an eCommerce platform like Clarity eCommerce provides the ability to utilize a Headless eCommerce solution along with a decoupled eCommerce solution. Designed with enterprise considerations in mind, like the ability to cater the settings per store, group or business unit.

We certainly welcome you to reach out to our team if you have any questions. Our team consists of friendly and knowledgeable staff that would be happy to discuss your project requirements and anything else you would like to know about headless and decoupled eCommerce enterprise solutions. We also welcome you to reference the resources below in order to learn more about Headless eCommerce for enterprises.