Magento and Sage X3 Integration

Clarity Connect Provides the API Endpoints to Integrate Magento with any Front or Back-office System
Advantages of a Magento eCommerce and Sage X3 Integration

Incorporating Business Requirements and Strategic Planning

A Magento integration with Sage X3 is capable of extending the reach of a business while maintaining the same number of resources. It also allows for a dramatic scaling of a business within a particular market and enables growth into new markets, without having to significantly increase overhead. In many cases it's possible to even reduce overhead while increasing margins. In order to leverage a Magento and Sage X3 eCommerce integration, it's necessary to integrate with the Sage X3 APIs, which utilize web services or REST protocols. With most versions of Sage X3, the web service endpoints are usually the most reliable and use SOAP technology. These web services allow Sage X3 to essentially expose any of the endpoints that are available within the system. The covered areas can include:

  • Customers
  • Contacts within the customer record or company
  • Addresses
  • Associated sales orders that are tied into a particular customer
  • Tax levels and tax exemption status
  • Credit limits
  • Shipping and billing information
  • Past purchases
  • Account and location-specific pricing
  • The ability to show replacement parts for purchased items
  • And more

By using the Sage X3 APIs, it's possible to expose all of these entities and their associated fields within Sage X3. This translates to not just including the core fields but extending the access to any additional custom fields as well.

The Clarity Connect platform allows the Magento Sage X3 integration to perform seamlessly because it leverages best practices with Sage X3 APIs and the Magento web API framework. This allows customer and account information with all their associations to go between the systems smoothly, supporting data that includes:

  • Category
  • Product
  • General catalog data, such as attributes and associations
  • Product information, including SKUs
  • Pricing
  • Inventory levels and store or location-specific inventory data
  • Imagery and meta information, if available
  • Associated category data
  • Tax classes based on the product itself
The Value of a Two-way Integration with Magento and Sage X3

Safeguard your Operation with Reliable & Secure Connection

As a next step, the entirety of integrated information from Sage X3 can then pass back into Magento. This essentially enables Magento to hydrate the data with more robust marketing information that is shared with Sage X3. The Clarity Connector platform can intelligently facilitate these systems to sync and allow the Magento side of things to enrich the data once received from Sage X3. Thus, Magento can serve as the marketing team's focused management area with respect to product data. In addition, the Sage X3 API integration grants robust capabilities for the following:

  • Sales orders
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Any kind of checkout process
  • Ordering information
  • Payments and transactional information, including split payments
  • Line items and the details within them
  • Taxes and any form of tax integration, like Avalara or TaxJar
  • Shipping and fees
  • Customs and duties
  • Multiple discounts (on the item order or shipping level)
  • Users that are created
  • Refunds for line items or the entire order
  • Associated calculations for reversing any shipping, taxes, handling fees, etc.

The above information in its totality would be available by using the Clarity Connect platform to integrate Sage X3 with Magento eCommerce. The key to successfully enabling this integration is to set up a connector of superior capability that can smartly handle all the different processes. We typically refer to those as jobs or tasks that line up and the connector performs. Within those tasks, there’s the ability to complete scheduled and business logic-based data transformations or workflows. The access covers the full collection of entities and fields, including custom entities and fields within Sage X3 and Magento. A queue-based persistent task engine ensures that each of those different integration tasks runs, and then reports back to a dashboard utility. The application enables scaling, failover, and heightened security, all combined under the system’s persistent performance. Queue-based models work exceptionally well for the enterprise in this respect, rendering the system powerfully redundant and scalable. The effort is guaranteed to continue even if a system is offline, as the connector persists with its tasks or jobs until they complete successfully. In addition to customer's accounts, categories, product sales orders, invoices, and quotes, it's also possible to integrate shipments, shipment status, transactions, and payments. Within shipments and orders, their status can be identified and then real-time, or near real-time, data with tracking and overall order information can be provided from Sage X3 to Magento.

Further Possibilities with an Adaptive and Flawless Integration

A Solution that Evolves with the Needs of your Organization

Another available option enables payments for Sage X3 invoices to be paid into Magento and quotes from Sage X3 to be converted into invoices. Therefore, Sage X3 invoices can be paid inside of Magento even if they didn’t originate there. Sage X3 quotes may be converted into an actual order in Magento, from what are typically referred to as negotiable quote cards. You can further enable user and location integrations, along with any custom entities, extensions, and plugins. As a result, whenever a new user signs up within Magento, the information could pump back into Sage X3 and be associated with a preexisting entry in terms of a company or customer record, through certain account-based logic.

Upon transfer to Sage X3, this particular new user on Magento might be matched and tied with specific pricing, which then gets pumped from Sage X3 back into Magento. It’s definitely attainable to implement intensely advanced logic with the Sage X3 to Magento eCommerce integration. The information could be shared back and forth as directed by the desired business requirements. It's also possible to enable omnichannel capabilities, including things like transfer of inventory, the ability to look up inventory in other nearby stores, and geographical searching based on zip code or proximity. Ultimately, we are empowered to leverage the full omnichannel capability that is integrated between Sage X3 and Magento on multiple locations.

Some location examples where omnichannel is applicable include multiple warehouses, distribution centers, and physical store locations. Practically the full spectrum of the enterprise can be effectively handled as per the unique details your organization desires. Enabling an advanced enterprise-level capability can be very expensive and cumbersome depending on the solution. The Clarity Connect platform is meant to be incredibly nimble and simple to implement, yet simultaneously scalable and dynamic. This gives your business the opportunity to enhance and grow from a base Sage X3 to Magento integration to a more robust and customized offering that matches the needs of your business as it continues to grow.

How Clarity can Help

Magento eCommerce and Sage X3 Integration Experts

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