Multi-Tiered Architecture

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Clarity eCommerce | Multi-tiered architecture code frameworkClarity's Multi-tiered framework is composed of different layers that work in a cohesive manner for a robust back-end solution that works seamlessly with different data requirements. The benefit of this pre-designed framework as a whole is that it allows for complex data processes to be written and developed in a fraction of the time it would take if there was no pre-written framework to build off of. This allows you focus on building more functionality within your eCommerce website, benefiting your administrative oriented organizational tasks as well as the end-user's experience with your platform.

Let's take a brief tour of the framework, starting with the raw, unprocessed data and ending with the ordered, neat and visually appealing data shown to the end user.


Clarity's Multi-Tiered Architecture


Clarity eCommerce | MS SQL shopping cart integrationMS SQL: The Data Layer- This layer stores the raw information and defines the relationship between different streams of data. For example, the differences as well as the relationships between customer, shopping cart and products within the shopping cart.

Clarity eCommerce | Data Access FrameworkEntity Framework: The Data Access Layer- This is where we define code based objects for use in the business layer with which to access data stored in the MS SQL layer.

Clarity eCommerce | Linq and C#Linq and C#: The Business (or Logic) Layer- Remember how we've defined code based objects in the Data Access Layer? This layer contains a Query based language with which to write queries against the Entity Framework objects we've defined in order to pull the data.

Clarity eCommerce | Business and the service stack layerServiceStack: The Service Layer (API)- This provides a framework to create robust accessible end points either for integration or for usage within the areas of the user interface that need data pulled dynamically. This is also known as your API.

Clarity eCommerce | Angular JS, JQuery, User UIHTML, jQuery and Angular JS: The User Interface Layer- This is where the data that has been pulled using the processes above is shown to the end user in the site markup or HTML. Angular JS is a script framework that two way binds data from the API (created in the Service Layer) to the rendered markup or HTML. jQuery is how we manipulate how this data is shown to the end user interactively.


Full Documentation of Each Layer


If this sounds complicated and even slightly confusing, it is. The intricacy and laborious process to build all of this out, a necessity for every serious enterprise eCommerce platform, is both time consuming and expensive. This is why we've already built it out for you. Another bonus is that the Service, Data Access and Business layers are all written in .NET, a language with which almost all developers or programmers have familiarity. Additionally, we provide full documentation complete with available APIs (supporting JSV, CSV, XML, JSON, SOAP 1.2 and SOAP 1.2), code snippets, samples and examples to further streamline the process of creating intuitive and robust functionality.

Clarity eCommerce | specializes in B2B multi-tiered frameworkClarity's Multi-Tiered eCommerce Platform Architecture is designed to save you time and money when building your custom eCommerce solution. Spend more time and money creating unique functions for your eCommerce website that differentiate you from your competition and keep your customers coming back for more. Call Clarity today for a free consultation!