Manage all your online stores from one central hub.


This allows a business to use a single eCommerce platform to create multiple portals or online stores that are controlled from one centralized dashboard. This not only significantly reduces eCommerce development costs, but it also allows companies to deliver separate and targeted shopping experiences to a varied customer base. For some international companies, this means implementing a multi-store site that allows for portals targeting specific national markets. Highly relevant information on your site produces more engaged consumers, leading to more conversion and a higher ROI and net gain for your business.

Design Customization

• Choose to use unique layouts and images across your various stores
• Easily implement design changes across multiple stores

Business Management

Unlimited unique sub-domains and URLs per store

Manage each store catalog, orders, and customers from one centralized account

Unlimited roles and rights assignment capabilities


Unlimited scalability: ensure you won't outgrow your eCommerce platform; add unlimited products or SKUs

Reach customers all over the glob with multilingual and multi-currency support

Elimiate checkout hassle by implementing a multi-store shopping cart


Reduce time by publishing content with an inheritance model

Tailor marketing automation efforts towards specific stores and their respective customers


Separate product catalog keyword strategies drive traffic to specific stores

Employ targeted promotional campaingns that speak to each individual brand and their appropriate audience, which drive incrased conversions

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