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ERP Online Payment with and Integrated ERP Payment System


Updated April 8, 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Online bill payment with integrated ERP is a system that combines the functionalities of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with online payment platforms to streamline the billing and payment processes for businesses.
  • By integrating their ERP system with online ERP payment processing, businesses can automate billing, invoice generation, and payment tracking.
  • This integration improves efficiency, accuracy, and cash flow by reducing manual effort, ensuring data consistency, and enabling faster payment collection.
  • Customers benefit from the convenience of viewing and paying bills online using various payment methods, streamlining payment processing for all involved.
  • Real-time visibility into financial data enhances reporting and decision-making. It offers businesses a secure, efficient, and customer-friendly solution for managing bill payments and interacting with financial institutions.

Using ERP Integration for Online Bill Payment

ERP and customer portal integration: Making it easy for customers to pay their bills online

Online bill pay development solutions.

Integrating your enterprise resource planning software with your eCommerce and/or customer portal not only leads to greater efficiency; it can also make it possible to simplify tasks for both your business and your customers.

One example is having the ability to easily send invoices and enable online bill payment through your customer portal tied to your ERP system. An integration between your portal and your ERP allows invoice payments to be made from anywhere, making doing business with your business easier for your customers.

How an ERP Payment System Works

An ERP and customer portal integration allows the two systems to transmit and share information with one another. Your customer portal is able to call for information that is held in the ERP system when it needs it. For example, when a customer logs on and wants to view their information, such as an invoice, purchase order, or quote.

Likewise, when data is updated in the customer web portal, it is also updated in your system. The ERP and customer portal integration makes it easy for customers to access and pay their invoices from the customer portal.

Four Simple Steps to Pay Invoices from the Customer Portal

Online bill pay with integrated ERP.

Step 1: When an invoice is completed, your automated email system could either send your customer the invoice as an attachment in an email or let the customer know that the invoice is ready to be viewed through the customer ERP portal.

Step 2: Once the customer logs into the portal using their unique customer ID, their records will be pulled from the ERP system.

Step 3: Next, they would be able to view the invoice and make a payment, which could be through a credit card, check, purchase order number, or any other format that your business accepts.

Step 4: After the payment has been completed, the invoice ID and payment status attached to the customer ID get sent to and updated in your ERP system.

Benefits of Online Bill Payment

One of the positives of setting up an online bill payment system tied to your ERP system is that there is no need for human intervention on your business's part. You won't need an employee to take the payments or rekeying data from your customer portal to your ERP system. This saves an abundant amount of time while reducing the chances of human error.

With a B2B payment gateway, there is also no lag time between receiving a payment and having it entered into your systems which means that your numbers should match up and your data will be up to date.

Clarity Can Help Implement Multiple Payment Gateways

At Clarity, we know the impact that integrations can have on businesses. In many cases, we have seen how integrations can help increase productivity and accuracy. Clarity has done many ERP integrations for both our B2B and B2C clients, bringing together back-end systems with payment hubs.

Our team of experts has worked with all of the top ERP software and is capable of integrating them with your customer portal or eCommerce platform (including BigCommerce WordPress, and Shopify ERP integration) no matter the specific gateway system you want to incorporate. To find out more about online bill payment with integrated ERP or to schedule a consultation to discuss your own ERP integration project, click the button below to contact us today!

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Online bill payment with integrated ERP refers to a system that allows businesses to streamline their billing and payment processes by integrating ERP systems with online payment platforms. This integration enables businesses to automate billing, invoice generation, and payment tracking, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy.


The process typically involves integrating the business's ERP software with an online ERP payment system or platform. When a bill is generated within the ERP system, it is automatically sent to the online payment platform, where customers can view and pay their bills securely. The payment data is then synchronized back to the ERP payment system, updating the payment processing status and maintaining a centralized record of transactions.


Yes, security protocols are a top priority for online bill payment systems. Reputable payment gateways employ industry-standard encryption protocols to protect sensitive customer information. When integrating with an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, usable payment data synchronization is done securely to ensure the privacy and integrity of financial transactions.

Healthcare ERP systems can even be secure enough to protect medical information and comply with HIPAA regulations.


Integration payment options may vary depending on the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and the online payment platform you choose. However, many popular ERP systems offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or connectors that facilitate integration with online payment platforms. It is advisable to check the compatibility of your ERP software with the desired ERP payment system before proceeding.


Online bill payment platforms generally support a wide range of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, electronic fund transfers (EFT), digital wallets, and sometimes even alternative payment options like PayPal or cryptocurrencies. The availability of specific payment methods may depend on the chosen ERP payment gateway and the geographic location.


Absolutely. Online bill payment with integrated ERP can benefit businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it offers an efficient and cost-effective way to manage billing and online payments, eliminating the need for manual processes and reducing administrative overhead. It also enhances the professional image of the business and improves customer satisfaction.

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