eCommerce Development - Distribution Integration

What is eCommerce Distributor Integration?

Designed to Improve the Trading Experience

To effectively monitor the distribution business, integrated Distribution Software has been developed as a helping hand to the business community. This distributor integrated with eCommerce software is so versatile that it guarantees the trader hassle-free eCommerce. The robust software has integration of all distribution including assembly segment, wholesale and retail networks, accounting including shipping, analysis of stock and so on.

Effective Global Trade Monitoring

One of the main benefits of eCommerce in today’s world is that it has made trade and commerce a global phenomenon. The effectiveness of this global trade depends on its monitoring. This calls for effective software which caters to the requirements of the business. The software should produce accurate workflow charts, monitor sales and distribution, handle settlement of bills, monitor the exchange rate of various currencies and more. The integration of API with XML and web applications has made the process of monitoring eCommerce much more effective.

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Distributor Integrated eCommerce Websites

The distribution is actually integrated into eCommerce because all aspects of eCommerce are integrated together in this GDS software. The SEO of this software is so powerful that it takes the least amount of time to access the desired data. In fact, this is the core for the success of eCommerce.

The software provides for fields to easily update the data. Any data that is updated in one field will automatically get updated in all the other relevant fields. This ensures that the trader does not miss an essential link. The updating process is so versatile that the software makes the necessary changes, even in the work queue, so that the trader will have comprehensive data for the effectiveness of the updates or changes he proposes. This has become possible because of effective API integration. These benefits can be achieved by choosing an effective eCommerce integration company, such as Clarity.

Another important aspect of distribution eCommerce platform integration is the real time distributor’s orders through eCommerce. Clarity’s software is one such software which allows real time analysis of orders at the micro level. It takes care of all financial aspects of the transaction including credit limit, bin level, time and cost analysis and so on. With this information, the trader will be able to make an on-the-spot analysis of the particular transaction. To get more information on what distributor-integrated eCommerce websites are, and how distributor integration could benefit your website, Request a Quote or Schedule a Demo.

Shipping Support for Manufacturing and Distribution

For Brick Packaging, shipping makes or breaks their business. So when they needed to integrate a variety of shipping options including UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional, they chose Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ because it is built to handle this integral part of their business. However much your business depends on shipping, you can rest assured knowing Clarity eCommerce™ is the platform of choice for the businesses that depend on it the most, and can integrate it seamlessly into your Manufacturing or Distribution eCommerce solution.

Manufacturing and Distributor eCommerce custom built solutions by Clarity Ventures