Prescription Data Management 
and EMR HIPAA Compliance 

Leveraging Patient-Specific Information

Patient Prescription Data Handling 

HIPAA-compliant websites and platforms can leverage patient-specific prescription information in order to give every patient the necessary access to information and purchasing options. The best way to handle HIPAA-covered prescription information is to show options but restrict users from adding the item to a cart or checking out unless they prove that they have a prescription. Then they would need to have the right prescription to move forward in the purchasing process. 

You don’t want to prevent a customer from putting every item into a cart, though. Non-prescription items—vitamins, supplements, healthcare items—should always be available for purchase. When a patient goes to an e-pharmacy site and navigates, they can categorize or filter the items that require a prescription. An icon or grayed-out shading could indicate this. This indicator is an easy way to notify them that the item or items require a prescription. 

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PHI Data Security Matters

Every online pharmacy needs to have a HIPAA-compliant website to makes sure their patient’s PHI is protected. Look for the best HIPAA-compliant portal you can find. Clarity can help.

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Customer Options for Providing Prescriptions 

There needs to be a clear process for the user to provide the prescription, whether they are using a HIPAA app or your website. They should also be able to see the status of the prescription itself and where it currently is in the approval workflow. There is often some form of human interaction required to verify the prescription. 

Making the prescription-upload process easy is one of the best ways to improve a customer’s experience. It’s also vital to offer a secure HIPAA compliant website that they can feel comfortable utilizing. When obtaining a prescription, the user needs to clearly understand the process and the different methods for providing their prescription information. It can be as simple as the user taking a picture of their prescription and then uploading it to the site.

From there, the prescription can be sent to the appropriate distribution list for verification, all the while being subject to strict HIPAA compliance management. The receiver would then need to complete a workflow verifying the products the customer now has access to. 

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Prescription Security

Verifying prescriptions can be a complex process, so you want to make sure you have a robust HIPAA compliant website working on a solid platform. Clarity is ready to make that happen for you.

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Legal Validation & Workflows

Establishing the validity of the prescription is a vital step. For instance, it’s important to verify that the doctors and their licenses are still valid. You want to ensure that the prescription is legally sound; the review process must be followed to ensure it is not forged. Also, whenever someone uploads a prescription, they will need to sign off indicating that they understand they are providing a legal document; a signature signifies that they understand the consequences should they deliver a forged prescription. All of these must be done securely in order to adhere to HIPAA website requirements

Either customer support or the prescription group will need to verify which products the prescription applies to and which it does not. For example, let's say a user provides a prescription that falls into a category like prescription lenses and lens details. The pharmacy eCommerce business needs to enable the administrators, customer support, or prescription group to add more information to the customer’s record, noting that this user should have access to prescriptions regarding their specific prescription lenses. 

The eCommerce platform would then need to be intelligent enough to understand that the user meets specific criteria for their prescription and then unlock certain features and items when they search. This could mean they used to have access to a single product, but now they can access different counts of their product. 

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Stay Ahead of Changing HIPAA Regulations

The best HIPAA compliant CRM software can make verifying prescriptions much more efficient. Clarity has built hundreds of sites that adhere to all HIPAA website requirements.

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Prescription Renewal Automation & Messaging

The user needs to be notified when the renewal process of a prescription is necessary. They need to know exactly when their medications are about to expire and that they need to procure another prescription from their medical provider. The site will likely need this information in advance to prevent the user from running out of any important prescriptions. Of course, this information must be sent confidentially, like in a HIPAA compliant app or a secure patient portal. 

It’s also possible for the user to complete certain steps in order to engage with prescription-based items. This means they could renew an item before their actual prescription expires, allowing for them to be confident that their medical needs will be met. Healthcare app developers and website designers can also offer a step to contact the doctor to renew the prescription. 


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We strongly suggest you consider all the above when looking for a HIPAA-compliant website design and app developer you will be using in your eCommerce project. Clarity has worked with dozens of EMR integration software options including Clarity Eipic EHR security, eClinicalWorks integrations, GH Healthcare EMR, and Cerner medical billing.

If you have any further questions about EMR integration, please reach out to us; we would be happy to help you out! We have also provided additional resources below regarding HIPAA eCommerce in hopes of helping you make the most informed decisions possible.

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Boost Your Prescription eBusiness

Processing prescriptions efficiently while following HIPAA security best practices can be a difficult task. Clarity can make it happen. Schedule a free demo to see what we can do.

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