Selecting Your HIPAA eCommerce Developers

HIPAA Development Can Be Tough. Let the Experts Help You Understand What You Need

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How to Select a HIPAA eCommerce Development Team

HIPAA compliance is essential for healthcare industry businesses which function through online eCommerce platforms. Receiving, storing, conveying, or managing protected health information (PHI) should be done under the umbrella of HIPAA compliance. The development of the eCommerce platform should follow complex guidelines about the privacy and security of electronic PHI, and it can be a tricky for a company without experience. Selecting the right development team to support it can be a boon for the businesses, but selecting the wrong team can be disagtrous. This article will discuss what you should consider when choosing a team to make their eCommerce HIPAA compliant website

HIPAA Compliant Solution - Medical Development

To help healthcare providers develop a HIPAA website, it is essential to hire a qualified development team in order to avoid a data breech. It is important for the businesses to make sure that their chosen development team is HIPAA compliant. This team refers to developers, vendors, and other business connections that the healthcare provider has to vet before trusting them with ePHI-related assignments.

Properly researching developers, retailers, and other acquaintances is the minimum an employer can do towards shielding customers' information. Selecting the correct team to guarantee an eCommerce HIPAA compliant website may not be as direct as it may seem. You should follow some important steps and some important guidelines to help make the best team choice.

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Guarantee HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Getting a HIPAA website isn't the only aspect of protecting ePHI. HIPAA compliant web hosting is another aspect that can't be ignore. There's also pen testing ("white-hat hacking") to consider. So, how do you choose a vendor when you're looking for a medial app or site to ensure PHI data security?

HIPAA Compliant Solution - Medical Development


It's important to check online reviews before choosing your development partner. Any company worth its salt will be able to provide testimonials from previous clients that can attest to their skills. By doing this, you would get to know about the skills and experience of the development and come to know about the issues you may face while working with them. This would also help you effectively deal with them and improve the HIPAA-compliant eCommerce experience.

HIPAA Compliance Experience

If your developer has never heard of HIPAA, or suggests that following HIPAA compliance is the same as protecting financial data, it's best to keep looking for a vendor. While the price might look good at first, the problems that pop up later—including security breeches—just aren't worth the small cost savings now.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Make sure that your partner is willing to sign a BAA. It's they're way of telling you that they're confident in their own ability to protect protected information. If data is stolen in the future, they will share in the culpabilty, and you might be in the clear if the problem was their fault.

Data Breach Response Protocols

Knowing how your development team will manage an emergency beforehand is significant; the has to be a plan in place, and any potential vendor should be willing to share that plan. You'll be able to provide them with additional information so that they can respond in the best way possible should an attack occur.

Data Security Background

The previous experience of your developer is sometimes you should be considered while hiring them. Your developer has to be HIPAA compliant. It would be better if they have previously worked with a HIPAA Compliant eCommerce platform. Your hired developer should be skilled enough to go the extra mile before taking some initial steps towards HIPAA compliance. With their experience and skills, you should take your eCommerce platform to the next compliance level using suitable tools (plugins, app integration). As a business owner, you should be considering these things.

Bringing in the experts to ensure HIPAA compliance

How Can Clarity Help with HIPAA Compliance?

In the end, the development of the HIPAA eCommerce should follow complex guidelines and rules about the privacy and security of electronic PHI. You should follow the steps mentioned above and some essential guidelines to help make the best team choice. Choosing the right development team is crucial to building a HIPAA compliant website.

Clarity has developed some of the best HIPAA-Compliant websites. Any health organization can face issues with HIPAA responsibilities when they start their digital journey. These problems can be overcome by working with a professional HIPAA development team. Clarity's HIPAA Compliance Services include:

  • HIPAA Complaint Website
  • HIPAA Compliant eCommerce integration
  • HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules
  • HIPAA Compliance Requirements
  • HIPAA Technical Safeguards
  • HIPAA Compliance Certification
  • HIPAA Password Requirements
  • HIPAA Compliant App Development

Work With Experienced HIPAA Developers

Whoever you choose to build your HIPAA compliant website, make sure they've done it before. Successfully done it before. That's Clarity Ventures.

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