Page Level Control of SEO Essentials

Customize Titles, Meta Info, Headers and More for Each Page

seo friendly ecommerce product pagesAs a company that receives 75% of our new leads from organic SEO traffic, we understand the urgent importance of SEO optimization for specific product pages. That's why the Clarity's eCommerce platform utilizes a user interface that allows for a highly targeted search engine optimization strategy for each individual product.

Highly targeted product pages capitalize on the 70% of search engine traffic that comes from specific queries. Additionally, this segment of search engine traffic always converts better as this type of traffic uses specific product attributes and high purchase intent keywords.

Customized Titles for eCommerce Product Pages


Title tags are the most important singular attribute for on-page SEO. The page title is located at the top of your HTML document (the product page) and explains the page content to search engines and users. The title tag shows itself in search engine results, external websites and within the tab in your browser (located directly above the address bar).

Title Tags in External Websites- When other sites include a link to your webpage within their website, they generally use the title tag of your web page as the anchor text. Both the link and anchor text are major factors in SEO rankings.

Title Tag in the Browser- Title Tags also appear in the tabs that appear at the top of your browser for each website. It's highly relevant to search engines and is also a friendly reminder of your page for internet users who navigate between several tabs on one browser at once.
clarity ventures title tags for ecommerce product page seo rankings

Title Tags in Search Engine Results- Title tags appear in the blue link that search engine users click on to continue to your site or product page. Best practices strongly suggest keeping the length of the title limited to 70 characters, placing important keywords close to the front of the tag, leveraging branding, readability, and evoking user emotions.


clarity e-commerce platform with seo friendly tools and product pages

Meta Info for Your Product Page Description


The meta description tag elaborates on the information or description contained within the title tag. This is typically displayed below the title tag in search engine results. While the meta tag itself doesn't directly contribute to search rankings, its indirect effect is gargantuan. Here's why.
>meta descriptions in seo friendly ecommerce product pages

Writing unique and compelling copy for placement within your meta description increases click-through rates. A higher impression (someone seeing your page in a search results page) to click through rate (the proportion of people who actually click into your site from search results) ratio DOES affect your search engine rankings. Additionally, better meta copy will increase traffic and conversions. Best practices suggest keeping meta descriptions under 160 characters.

Clarity's eCommerce solution makes it easy for compelling meta descriptions that increase clicks and conversions to be written for each individual product page. The user interface allows for intuitive adjustment of the meta tag at any time. This allows you to easily adapt to trends or changes in the keyword landscape as well perform A/B testing of the copy.

Header Tags Within eCommerce Product Web Pages


H1-H6 HTML elements tags are another major factor in SEO rankings. It helps break down your page into sections and informs both users and search engines what each section is about. H1-H3 tags seem to excite search engine ranking algorithms the most, so make sure your targeted keywords are in your H1 tag and any variations are in the following tags.

Other SEO Factors for Your Product Page With the Clarity eCommerce Interface


  • Page-level controls for titles, meta info, headers, and more
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimized site structure
  • Easy-to-use 301 redirects
  • Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml
  • Image alt tags for product pages
  • markup (rich snippets)


Turn Your eCommerce Website Into an SEO Goldmine With Clarity's Solution


Clarity eCommerce is designed with online marketing considerations in mind, specifically professional SEO services. Because of this, we've built a solution that allows your marketing team to easily create and implement advanced SEO strategies recommended by the experts. Best of all, this can all be done without advanced technical knowledge of HTML and other web languages! With each product page fully optimized and contained within a web of hierarchical link schemes, your eCommerce website is a veritable SEO goldmine! If you want an eCommerce solution that gets your website and its products found on Google, Bing and Yahoo, call Clarity today for a free consultation with our SEO experts.



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