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Why would I need a 301 Redirect for my eCommerce Website?


When you need to send users and search engines to a URL that differs from the one originally requested, a 301 redirect gets the job done. Why would you need to send search engines and users to different URLs other than the ones they requested? A common use case is found for websites with multiple domains intended for the same website. For example, if you own the domains 'E-commerce.com' and 'E-commerce.org,' ideally you want both of those domains pointing towards the same website. However, if you fail to use a 301 redirect, Google views these domains and their corresponding website content as duplicate content, which will hurt your rankings in search engine results pages.
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Another usage would be when your eCommerce website catalog no longer carries a specific type of product, so you want to redirect users and search engines looking for that particular product to a page with similar products or the corresponding topic in which the product page was originally contained. A permanent 301 redirect will not only direct the user to the page you desire, it will also pass "between 90-99% of link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page," thereby saving most of the SEO value you've accumulated for the page being redirected.

Google Webmaster Tools has a video elaborating on the subject and Hubspot has a great, in-depth article on the subject for more information on 301 redirects.


Clarity's eCommerce Solution Makes a Tough Job Easy


Clarity recognized the common need for redirect pages when it comes to eCommerce websites, so we've built a simple way to accomplish 301 redirecting tasks into the simple user interface. This way, you can pivot and adjust pages and strategies as fast as the market changes. Clarity's eCommerce platform simplifies necessary tasks that eCommerce website curators must frequently preform, saving you time and keeping your SEO strategy healthy. Call us today to see how Clarity's solution can supercharge your online store.


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