Image Alt Tags for Product Pages

Because Who Doesn't Like Free SEO?

Clarity eCommerce | SEO friendly image alt tags

What are Image Alt Tags?


The purpose of Image Alt Tags is that if for some reason a web image does not load, the the alt tag will show text of what that picture was meant to display instead of the broken picture icon. Fortunately, search crawlers index this information and give SEO points to image alternate tags. These tags are extremely useful for increasing targeted keyword content for a particular page. We call image alt tags free SEO because it improves your targeted keyword page content and allows for iterations of targeted keywords that will not be visible to visitors.

For example, in the image above: "img src=" location" alt="Clarity eCommerce | SEO friendly image alt tags" size="50%"

For example, if our targeted keyword is B2B eCommerce, there are many ways search engine users type this into the browser: business to business e-commerce, b2b e commerce, b to b online commerce, and so on. If we try to fit all these iterations into the visible content of the page, the page looks silly and unprofessional. Image alt tags are a good way to account for common misspellings, mistypings and different ways of expressing a given search term.

With the Clarity eCommerce platform, any time a user uploads a photo onto a page, they are prompted with the option to insert an image alt tag. Our solution is built with SEO in mind, so we make it simple to take advantage of the free SEO your eCommerce product page can offer.


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