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Improving the User Experience and SEO of eCommerce Websites

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Why is Site Structure Important for eCommerce Websites?


A clean website architecture crafts a compelling user experience for potential customers who visit your eCommerce pages. The easier and more intuitive navigation is on your site, the more likely visitors are to stay longer, visit more pages and convert. Google is pretty good about recognizing what is enjoyable for the user, and as such the structure of a site is factored into Google search rankings. Here's a basic example (from Trond Lyngbø of Search Engine Land) of a good site design that moves from general to specific sections in a fluid manner, leaving breadcrumbs for search crawlers and human users along the way.

clean site structure for ecommerce seo

Generally speaking, you want to move from the homepage to topic, then subtopic and finally the detail or eCommerce product pages.However, a good site structure includes technical and functional layouts that don't necessarily affect UX but make search crawlers happy nonetheless.


File layout and File Naming


seo friendly file structure for ecommerce product page websitesThe file layout should follow a model similar to that above, with files stored in folders which are arranged in a hierarchical manner. For example, homepage images>women's shoes images>women's sandals images>specific brand product images. Additionally, file names are a great way to include extra SEO fodder for search engines within your eCommerce website and product pages. Instead of naming a file 'pink-shoe.jpg' you can name it with targeted keywords in mind, like 'women-pink-croc-sandal.jpg.'


Clarity's Advanced and Intuitive SEO Friendly eCommerce Website Structure


Clarity's SEO experts have built a robust eCommerce platform that automatically generates a site structure that follows best SEO practices. The easy to manage user interface allows your team to name files with targeted keywords in mind. Additionally, Clarity eCommerce automatically creates new pages which are already located in their appropriate spot in the established website hierarchy, include SEO friendly URLS, and leave breadcrumbs for search engines and humans alike. Lastly, the structure is built to scale with your business, never slowing as you're growing.

Clarity's enterprise eCommerce platform is designed with SEO optimization in mind. We make it easy to make strategic changes to content while automating mundane but necessary website SEO tasks. Call Clarity today to see how our eCommerce solution can awaken your dormant SEO goldmine so you can start increasing revenue and efficiency with our professional SEO services.



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