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What are Rich Snippets?


Rich snippets are a type of on-page HTML mark-up that appear in search results so that the user can garner a better understanding of what is on the page as well as what the page is about. This data allows users faster access to information on your page and a another way for you to optimize your page for higher rankings in search engine results. Rich snippets are a great way to add flair to your eCommerce product pages when they appear in search results and to differentiate your eCommerce website from your competitors in the search engine results that surround you.

There are three supported formats: Microdata, Microformats, RDFa. For more information on the more technical aspects of rich snippets, check out Google's Webmaster Tools article on them here.


What Can be Included in Rich Snippets?


While there are many, many uses for rich snippets, here are a few of the most common:

ecommerce product images in search results with rich snippets | ClarityImages- Images have been proven to increase click through rates in nearly all metrics across all platforms. Images are perhaps the single most important rich snippet you can include in search rankings to increase your click through rates to your eCommerce web pages.

ratings and reviews in search results for ecommerce products rich snippets | ClarityReviews and Ratings- Aside from images, these are perhaps the most important rich snippets that you can include in your eCommerce website product page search results. 90% of customers say their purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews.

pricing snippet in search results for ecommerce product pages | ClarityPrices- Another powerful tool to generate search engine user interest in your products is the inclusion of a price or price range in search results of your eCommerce website product pages.

ecommerce search result rich snippet events | ClarityEvents- Future event information such as date, time, location, description and links to attractions can be shown underneath the search result. For example, if you search an event center, usually upcoming events are listed underneath the link to the center's website.

rich snippet audio link for ecommerce seo | ClarityMusic- If you sell music, audio books or speeches in your eCommerce store, you can include lyrics or a link to play to song within your rich snippet.

ecommerce website product page seo development rich snippet video | ClarityVideos- While you can't play videos from the search results page, you can provide an image linked to the video, which makes users much more likely to click and watch your video content.

authors rich snippets for search engine ranking seo ecommerce pages | ClarityAuthors- You can display author photo as well as a name and link to more of their articles in search results. For example, blog posts that show up in search results can show the author of the blog post and links to more of their articles.

people rich snippet ecommerce page ranking seo | ClarityPeople- Like authors, search results can have phone numbers and photos of specific people, like your head of sales, in search results for your eCommerce products.


Easily Create Rich Snippets With Clarity's eCommerce Solution


Clarity's intuitive eCommerce platform interface allows for easy addition and editing of snippet data in the proper format (usually Microdata, as it is the best form of snippet language) and best practices as laid out on Schema.Org.

Clarity's rich snippet editor is perhaps one of the most ground breaking and advantageous SEO features that we include out of the box, unlike other eCommerce platforms. Start increasing sales and revenue today by supercharging your eCommerce with Clarity's unbeatable solution.


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