Beginners Guide to WordPress Health Monitoring

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Best Practices to Monitoring and Logging Site Health

What is WordPress Health Monitoring and How to Use It?

The WordPress health check is an incredible plugin that makes sure everything on your site is up to date and functions perfectly. It was presented in WordPress version 5.1 with version 5.2 and 5.3 further enhancements were made in it. The essential motivation behind this element as the name recommends is to assist proprietors with checking their WordPress site heath, with the fundamental center being site performance, security, and speed.

In this post, we will walk you through on the best way to score an ideal 100 % website health score. In any case, right off the bat, we should find out a little about this too cool feature.

You could see Site Health as a kind of doctor — it finds problems and proposes solutions.
Understanding and Implementing Health Monitoring On your Wordpress Site

What is WordPress Health Monitoring?

WordPress Health plugin is a set of great tools to assist users with distinguishing issues and to assist them with fixing those issues if something turns out wrong. At first, it fundamentally cantered around security and speed. WordPress 5.3 includes extended feature zones for troubleshooting on your website. It scores your WordPress site after running a progression of tests, checking if the site is working on ideal settings and make sure if everything is perfectly up to date or not.

For site speed, security, and execution, it tests the accompanying things. You can check at your WordPress sites health score from your dashboard, simply go Tools >> Site Health There will be two pages: Status Page, Info Page. The plugin is lightweight, clear, smooth, and powerful. When it is installed, it will add a WP Health page to the Tools menu. It will likewise add a heart symbol to your WordPress administrator bar if something needs consideration after you have run a test. It keeps an eye on everything, including running a WordPress plugin check to ensure that all your plugins are working how they should. It keeps an eye on everything, including running a WordPress plugin check to ensure that all your plugins are working how they should.

If you're like to learn more about WordPress and healthcare, especially in regards to WordPress HIPAA compatibility, get in touch with Clarity.

Different things that the WP Health plugin will keep an eye on your site include: WordPress Version, Version, Plugin Updates, Inactive Plugins, Admin Username, WordPress support Looks for Plugins That Are No Longer Supported, Plugins with Known Vulnerabilities, Checks for Theme Updates, Looks at SSL, File Editor, WordPress live chat support, Spam Comments, Optional Rest API.

Basically, any issue you run into you are covered with this plugin. Let's look at how to install and use to WP Health plugin so it can fix any problems with WordPress you are having. Installation is as easy as:
1. Upload to your plugin folder, wp-content/plugins/
2. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.
3. Once enacted, the plugin will show up under your Dashboard menu.

Consistant monitoring of potential bugs and issues on your site

Diving into the Health Monitoring Status Page

The status aims to educate you regarding your site health feature. It gives the status in three unique marks:

  • Good implies that you have finished assessments
  • Recommended implies that changes are suggested yet are redundant
  • Critical implies that noteworthy issues have been discovered that you should think about fixing

It is an extremely intriguing aspect of the site health feature. You should simply change tabs, and you will get nitty-gritty data about the configuration of your WordPress cms. Information such as:

  • WordPress PHP version your site is currently using
  • Your memory limits
  • Even your server and database information

It's the place you can undoubtedly get debugging data information that is utilized for troubleshooting. So, if something turns out badly, you simply duplicate the data structure this page and send it to your hosting or backing group.

Consistant monitoring of potential bugs and issues on your site
Making Sure What You Implement is Compatible

Checking for WordPress Plugin PHP Compatibility

SHC will let you know whether you're utilizing an adaptation of WordPress PHP that is shaky and beneath the suggested version. NOTE: WordPress has increased their recommended minimum PHP version from 5.2 to 5.6 and is required to expand to 7.0+ later in 2020.

WordPress is presently upholding the PHP requirements set by plugin and theme developers. When finding a plugin in the archive that doesn't uphold the form of PHP your site is utilizing, you won't have the option to introduce it. You will see a message telling you so.

Having a decent webpage health score implies that your WordPress site is performing on an ideal level, which implies:

  • Improved client experience
  • Improved client commitment and engagement
  • Website will stack quicker
  • More secure site

On the off chance that it hasn't been clarified through this explanation of what Site Health Check is and how it functions, it is important because SHC will make it simpler to uphold and deal with your customers' sites more readily. We have been utilizing the Site Health Check plugin to assist us with bettering help for your clients. So, in any case, the implementation of these features into the WP center is energizing.

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WordPress site health check is an amazingly accommodating element on the off chance that you use it right. We trust that you discovered this post accommodating. By following these tips, you'll have the option to keep steady over your site health problems and will have the opportunity to handle them before they influence your site's health.

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