Best Practices for Hardening the Security of your WordPress Site

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Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Hardening and Security Best Practices

What is WordPress Hardening and Security?

Just because of its popularity, WordPress is the most concerned target of hackers. You do not want to wake up one day and see that your WordPress website has gone. So, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your site secure and for keeping the hackers away. A WordPress security guide is a manual for introducing on how one can protect the website and create a more secure and robust site. In the guide, you will learn about WordPress security best practices. It is not hard if some proper steps are followed during the development and maintenance of the site. An important question that can pop up in anyone’s mind is that is WordPress secure? The answer is yes. It is true that WordPress has gotten a pretty bad reputation in terms of security. It is not much considered for doing business.

There are some things that can make your site vulnerable and prone to threats. Like if you use an outdated WordPress software, lousy administration, nulled WordPress security plugins. Lack of web and security knowledge can also make your website open for hackers.

Finding the Weakest Areas of your Site Security

What are the Common WordPress Vulnerabilities?

Just like other software packages, WordPress is also prone to different vulnerabilities in terms of security. Some of the most relevant vulnerabilities are discussed below:


The backdoor vulnerability gives a hacker some hidden routes for bypassing security encryption. It is done for attaining access to a WordPress site using unusual ways. The Backdoors are encrypted and look like some regular and legitimate system files. They make their passage in the databases by identifying and exploiting the bugs on your website if it is outdated. The prevention of backdoor is not that hard, as you can just scan your website for detecting any backdoors. WordPress two-factor authentication, restricted admin access, and blocking IPs can prevent any backdoors.

Brute Force Login Attempts

Hackers might use some automated scripts for detecting weak passwords for gaining access to your site. For maintaining the best WordPress security, one should use strong passwords. WordPress two-factor authentication, putting a limit to login attempts, and regular monitoring of logins can also keep the hackers away from making forced login attempts.

Denial of Services

Denial of Services attacks can exploit the memory of the operating system of your site. It is mostly done for taking access to large businesses. For preventing the attacks, you should keep updating WordPress to new versions. It can help you to catch any clash in your system. There are many other vulnerabilities that can compromise WordPress security. Pharma hacks, malicious redirects, cross-site scripting, and many others come to the list.

The Many Factors of Securing Your Website

How to Harden and Secure Your WordPress Site

Many people end up getting their sites hacked because they do not take any precautions in time. There are some common mistakes that one commit and end up in getting exploited by hackers. The top of the list is using weak usernames and passwords. Other mistakes include not updating the WordPress site and installing themes and different plugins without any knowledge and unawareness of their source. By keeping these things in mind, you can follow some tips and tricks for performing WordPress security best practices.

Hardening security is vital in any case, but even more so when you're in the medical field and have a HIPAA-compliant website. WordPress HIPAA compliance isn't easy, so make sure you use a developer that is experienced with this special type of security.

Backup of Your Site

Backing up your WordPress site is above everything else. You should regularly back up the site whether you are using WordPress or not. If your website gets hacked, you can bring back things from your backup. There are many ways to back up your website. Some hosting providers offer backup systems, or you can use back up plugins as well.

Secure WordPress Hosting

Getting a secure, reliable, and stable hosting for your WordPress is also essential and can be a great way to keep your website secure. Hosting companies usually do some mandatory security measures for the website, but you should not rely on them. Some hosting companies automatically block the IP if too many failed login attempts are made. Also, make sure that the updated versions of PHP and MySQL are used by the hosting companies. Do not hesitate to ask the company about its security updates.

Using Legitimate Themes and Plugins

For choosing the plugins and themes, you should be very considerate. Reputable themes can reduce the risk of getting your website hacked. The main difference between regular and well-established themes and plugins is their approach towards security.

Using Strong Username and Password

For WordPress security, you need to make your website’s unauthorized access difficult as much as you can. For this, you can use strong and unique passwords and usernames. WordPress two-factor authentication is the best way to secure the site from unauthorized login attempts.

Limited Access in Different Parts of Site

You should make access to some specific parts of the website limited. These restrictions can make your website more secure. WordPress security plugins can be used for doing the task.

If you have more than one person working on your website, then you should restrict the users from roaming around the website by defining user roles. You can provide them with their login id and password and set the limits.

Using Security Plugin

If you are the person who wants to just go with less work for security, then you can avail WordPress security plugins. Sucuri, WordFence, and iThemes Security are a few examples of the best WordPress security plugins available for you to access.

Monitoring Your Site

Another important thing to ensure the security of the site is regular monitoring it. This can give you clues if there is something wrong with the website. You should keep an eye on the sudden increase and decrease in analytics, and also monitor the login attempts to make sure that there is no unauthorized login attempt made. You can use some of the best WordPress security plugins to check any issue on the website.

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Above all, you need to maintain and handle your website for making sure of its security. Either you are a large business or a smaller one, you need to make the website secure and keep the hackers away from it. Some important points are discussed above that can ensure the security of your WordPress website.

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