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WordPress eCommerce Catalog, Payments, Subscriptions, and More

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Are you looking to open your very own online store? Are you planning to create a site with WordPress but don’t know what eCommerce plugins to use? A better subscription eCommerce platform leads to more opportunities for growth, so choosing the right eCommerce plugin is crucial for your business. Often business owners end up wasting money since they didn’t do enough research when choosing plugins and focus on other parts of the website. Read on for the best WordPress eCommerce plugins and why you need them on your site.

Arena Products Store and Ultimate Product Catalog

WordPress Catalog Plugins

If you want to showcase your range of products or services, then using a WordPress catalog plugin is the best way to do just that. It is much better to have an attractive look than just a boring list of products. Here are some of our favorite catalog plugins on WordPress.

Arena Products Store

Arena Products Store is a great WordPress catalog plugin for creating extensive catalogs of products and services. By using this plugin, you will have the option to divide your products into different categories. You can also assign them different sets of features, attributes, groups, and more. This plugin only costs $43, and this license gets you six months of support and future updates.

Some of the features included with this license are:

  • Animated rating bars to display ratings from users
  • Filters that refine products for better search functionality
  • A built-in comparison feature so visitors can visualize differences between products
  • The ability to create attributes to display your product’s data and cluster them into groups
Arena Products Store Plugin

Ultimate Product Catalog

With the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin, you will be able to design an attention-grabbing catalog for your products. You can include every detail, such as the product name, description, price, title, an image, and anything else you need to add. If you wish to purchase this plugin, there a few types of subscriptions to choose from.

  • Single Site License - This plan costs $50(plus tax) for a lifetime subscription. If you purchase this option, you can integrate this plugin only on a single website.
  • Standard License - This plan costs around $100(plus tax) and allows you to integrate the plugin on five different sites.
  • Extended License - This plan costs around $170(plus tax) and lets you use this plugin up to 10 websites with lifelong access.

Some of the features included are:

  • Customers can post reviews about your product
  • The ability to include a demo, documents, and video tutorials for viewers
  • A modern and responsive layout
  • Custom information fields
  • Lightbox effect for quicker and easier product views
Mastercard and WPPayForm

WordPress Payment Plugins

A payment plugin is necessary for any WordPress eCommerce site. These will make it easier for your customers to make online payments and will help you manage your revenue. Here are two WordPress payment plugin essentials.


WPPayForm is a modern payment gateway plugin for WordPress. With the free version, you can get a payment gateway with a smooth service. In the premium version, you will also receive a PayPal payment gateway with more features and functionalities. The premium prices are:

  • For one site – $39.00/Year
  • For a few sites – $79.00/Year
  • For unlimited sites – $149.00/Year

Some other interesting features include:

  • A simple interface, easy for users
  • Responsive payment form building
  • A Drag & Drop spot
  • 10+ Input fields
  • Multiple gateway options, including B2C, C2C, and B2B payment gateway options
  • Payment form entry restrictions, scheduling, and expiry configuration
  • Manual changing of payment status
  • Detailed form of entry management

WordPress eCommerce

This WordPress eCommerce plugin is a great way to accept secure payments online. In fact, this plugin processes one billion transactions each year and prevents more than 1 million of attempted fraud events every day. And, it only costs $29 for six months of support and regular updates. With this plugin, customers can pay using a credit card or debit card.

Some other features include:

  • Authentication of cardholders using 3D Secure features
  • Compatibility with all the newest versions of WordPress
  • Supports one stage bank card processing to make everything quicker
  • Statistics to help you understand the details of your revenue
WordPress eCommerce Payment Plugin
MailOptin and Email Subscribers

WordPress Subscription Plugins

Promoting your site is important, and it can be done in many ways. Adding a WordPress subscription plugin to your website is the best way to convert visitors into customers and keep them in the loop. There is no easier way to bring a viewer back on your website than by sending an email about a new, interesting blog post. Here are our favorite subscription plugin options for WordPress.


MailOptin is a powerful lead generation and subscription tool for WordPress. It helps you create optimized opt-in forms such as popups, notifications, scroll-triggered slide-ins, widgets, embedded forms, and more that you can place anywhere on your website—all of this for only $69 per year or $169 for unlimited functions. Some other features include:

  • Event-triggered and automated emails to customers
  • A/B split testing before sharing with your audience
  • A LeadBank feature that stores all form submissions, important data, and subscriber behavior
  • Options to build hyper segmented email lists of customers

Ultimate Product Catalog

Email Subscribers is another powerful email subscription plugin for WordPress. It lets you create email lists of customers and enhance sales by sending notifications. This WordPress subscription plugin only costs $12 per month and extended up to $120 per year. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Subscription boxes all over your website
  • Weekly, daily monthly, or yearly newsletters to customers
  • Notifications to customers about a new post
  • Manual and automated emails
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Running an eCommerce WordPress website may seem daunting at first. But plugin developers have understood the needs of business owners and have created options to make this process easier. Take the time to carefully swift through all your available options and find all the extra features that are perfect for you. There is a plugin out there for everyone, no matter what type of business you are. You just have to look well enough to find it! So get out there, find the plugins you need, purchase them, and you are that much closer to creating the perfect eCommerce website.

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