WordPress CMS Website Basics

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What is a CMS? And how can you get started with one?

Setting the Context

Understanding the fundamental aspects needed to know before we start your first WordPress website is critical to the success of the project. We'll go through WordPress as a CMS, what all features WordPress has in store for us, the WordPress best practices that would help us eventually grow in the long run, and much more. I'm optimistic that this article will be a head start to provide that creative idea of yours a good shape and design!

We are in the digital age and most of our everyday transactions happen over the internet, be it shopping, sales and marketing, education, etc. Most of these websites utilize building platforms or content management systems (CMS) to help architect and manage the content of the website. Hence, it becomes paramount to know what these platforms are and how they work before starting your website project.

Starting Your Own WordPress CMS Website

A content management system (CMS) is a straightforward method of managing digital content with the help of an admin dashboard, tools, and more. Generally, a CMS utilizes two user groups or roles: An end-user who consumes the information on the website and has the privilege of adding and modifying data; And the other being the content creator who compiles and updates the website.

Dive into the intricacies of what makes a good cms

WordPress as a CMS Solution

WordPress CMS claims to have a user base of around 37% on the internet, making it one of the most popular CMS solutions. It can be a purposeful tool for anyone right from a naïve technical user to large enterprises. Ranging from personal blogs and technical tutorial forums to e-Commerce websites, they've got it all covered.

When we search for 'WordPress,' we have two search results coming up. One is Wordpress.com and the other WordPress.org. It's quite essential to know the critical differences between them. When we want to manage digital data on the internet, we need a server to host these web pages. At WordPress.com, WordPress takes care of the web hosting services while at .org, you will need to take care of it on your own from a third-party web hosting service.

Blogs and Websites

Blogs and websites could be useful for both personal and small businesses. WordPress offers a massive number of themes and plugin support for the same. With the help of WordPress.com, you can start one for free. However, your website/blog cannot have a customized domain name unless you were to upgrade your plan.

Plans and pricing suitable for blogs and websites

  • Personal: This is a minimalistic plan suitable for personal blogs/websites. They offer a free domain for a year with 6GB storage. It costs $4/per month.
  • Premium: This is a popular plan suitable for much heavier blogs/websites. It comes with unlimited themes, extended payment options, and storage space of 13GB. It costs $8/per month.


WordPress offers Business plans for medium to large organizations for people who want to host a set of items for sale on the internet.

Plans and pricing suitable for business

  • Business: This is suitable for small to medium businesses/start-ups who want to sell items online. It comes with customer support, all kinds of payment support, and unlimited access to WordPress themes and plugins. It has a storage capacity of 200GB with $24/per month.
  • eCommerce: This is an ideal choice for large business organizations aiming for an online store. The additional benefits include personalized support, internationalization of payments and shipments, premium themes, and much more. The pricing is $45/per month.
  • Medical: Medical websites need special care, due to the need for HIPAA compliance. Compliance is vital in order to avoid government intervention and embarassing public embarassment, so find a developer than can ensure WordPress HIPAA security.

Domain Name and Hosting for Your Website

WordPress Domain Naming and Site Architecture

So, now we know which plan to choose that best fits our needs. All the above plans and pricing we saw were for a website to be hosted in ‘WordPress.com.’ In which case, hosting and the domain name is taken care of.

As discussed earlier, we can also use third party web hosting services for our website. In that case, we should buy a hosting service, a domain name, and you could still download the WordPress software and use it. For people who want to know how things work inside, and want to have a hands-on experience, it is a perfect choice. Otherwise, we have WordPress.com, where everything is handled for you by WordPress.

Let the Experts Help You

Clarity Ventures with WordPress CMS

We, at clarity Ventures, offer several integration options. Speaking of which, we have our own connect platform, which is an agnostic middleware layer capable of expressing the many different languages and protocols required to seamlessly and securely connect your business systems. One such integration relevant here is along with WordPress CMS for eCommerce. For more information on it, please visit the site here.

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