Comparison Of WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com

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Understanding the difference between WordPress.Org and

WordPress Version Comparison: .ORG vs .COM

If you want to set up an exciting blog or create an appealing website, everyone is going to suggest you have a look at the different versions of WordPress. You may have only been familiar with the name “WordPress” itself as the powerful site development and customization tool. But where did the other versions come from? What are the main differences between vs How to decide which version to choose for your site or blog? These are the common questions that you need answers for clearing the cloud of confusion in your head. Similar to the selection of a web development company or eCommerce platform, we not only measure the pros and cons of each but also consider the needs of the company. In this article we are going to see the differences between the two versions of WordPress in detail so that you can make the right decision for your needs.

Understanding the difference between WordPress.Org and

Choosing between and demands the same weighing of pros and cons even if they are both "WordPress". You need to make an informed choice to address your project requirements. If it’s a simple blog, will be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are a tech-savvy person or have a team of developers who can look after the maintenance and setup of your website, then will be the ideal choice.

What is is a hosting provider that gives you the flexibility to either set up a simple blog site or an advanced website for your business. With its free themes and plugins, a beginner can get the most out of it. But what sets apart from The major benefit of is that it offers multiple choices of basic hosting plans. The flexibility of hosting plans further caters to the needs of your business. You can have a look at the WordPress pricing for details.

Pros of using

  • It’s easy to set up and customize
  • You get 3GB storage on the free plan
  • It sets you free from the worries of updates, backups, and hosting
  • With its 100% free plan, you can set up a complete blog or website fulfilling your basic needs

Cons of using

  • You have to use paid upgrades for better customization and advanced feature utilization
  • You can’t upload third party plugins
  • You cannot upload any theme you fancy
  • Only a limited number of free WordPress themes are available
  • You cannot monetize the website with your free plan. You have to upgrade it to the premium version
  • Free plan users have no access to databases
  • Free plan users have no access to HTML/CSS customization
  • Only business plan users can install Google Analytics for advanced stats
  • Free users will always have a website name that is the subdomain of For example, To get a fully customized domain name, you will have to get a paid plan
  • Your free plan website can be deleted by WordPress at any time if it deems to be violating any of their policies
  • Your website/blog will always display the link of “powered by” which can only be removed by getting the Business plan, which in many cases is not the need of the user
  • You are not offered with any eCommerce features on
  • To integrate payment gateways, you will have to get the eCommerce plan
  • Membership websites cannot be built with

What is

Well, the truth be told is that it is that is also known as “the real WordPress”. It’s an open-source website platform that’s 100% free for anyone who wants to use it. Unlike, it is downloadable software that you can set up and host on your desired web server. You need a valid domain name and a good web hosting service to get started with

Pros of

  • Absolutely free to download
  • You don’t need to create an account as in the case of
  • No limitations on plugin installation
  • You can use any theme you want
  • You can monetize your site with your desired ads
  • You get full control over the code for website customization
  • You can configure Google Analytics on your site to get better analytics of your website traffic
  • is licensed under GPL
  • You have complete control over your website and its data and decide your website policies. Unlike, no one can take your site down.

Cons of

  • If you are not a tech-savvy person, you need a developer for installation, customization, and hosting of your website.
  • With external hosting, your hosting cost increases when the website traffic grows.
  • You have to take the responsibility of updating the site yourself
  • You need to be responsible for keeping the backup of your site. You can install any WordPress backup plugin to automate the process.
Comparing and
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Clarity WordPress Experts and both are some of the most well-known and used platforms on the online world of business. Each have their pros and cons, but both offer solutions for a multitude potential customers. Whether you are a small business looking to stand-up a website for the first time, or a larger corporation looking to enhance your existing platform, Clarity's team of WordPress experts are here to lend you a helping hand.

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