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For businesses who know the importance of Sharepoint by Microsoft, they can’t shift from Sharepoint to WordPress and vice versa. Sharepoint is a potent tool that is used to build websites by the organization. However, today more and more businesses are shifting towards WordPress due to its reliability, features, and potential. But what about those who have been cherishing the powerful limits and security of Sharepoint?

We are going to talk about a special plugin that is built just for those who we’ve mentioned above. Therefore, before getting deep into the topic, let’s talk about what Sharepoint actually is. Sharepoint is a cloud-based service by Microsoft that lets you create websites. Similar to WordPress, you can use it to build different types of websites like online stores and a lot more. Moreover, with its level of security, sharing, organizing, and storing various files and information isn’t even a problem with Sharepoint. top.

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Like WordPress, it can run and provide its powerful tools just by running on any web browser. Sharepoint has multiple products that are quite beneficial when it comes to various organizations. That’s why we will be talking about Sharepoint for WordPress. But before that, we should take a look at different services provided by Sharepoint.

Sharepoint Server
It all comes with the Office 365 subscription. Organizations can take care of their servers of different applications and websites using the Sharepoint server. Besides, many powerful features come with this product too.

Sharepoint for Microsoft 365
Sharepoint for Microsoft 365 allows enterprises to easily create, share, and manage documents and files within its ecosystem. Management is one of the most important aspects of an organization. That’s why we are going to talk about Sharepoint office 365 integration in WordPress.

WordPress vs. Sharepoint
Both cms have their own pros and cons. Hence, we will try our best to filter out most of the flaws or fine points we’ve researched.


WordPress is the simplest way to create a website (maybe after WIX). It is the most popular Content Management System that you can use in this day and age. For a fact, WordPress alone is indeed being consumed by more than 37% of the internet.

This means that more than 37% of websites are built using WordPress. You don’t even need to know anything about coding while building a website on WordPress. It is one of the best ways you can build a powerful and reliable website that is going to last lifetime.

  • Pros
    - A ton of themes can be used and customized at the same time.
    - The cms is fairly simple to use and understand as it makes everything easy for you.
  • Cons
    - The store making experience isn’t quite as good as something like Shopify.
    - The setting up process can take quite some time.


It’s a solution by Microsoft that lets you create websites in a fairly simple way. The content management system is very reliable and secure on Sharepoint. While not a lot of users use Sharepoint, it is still being used by many organizations due to its flexibility when it comes to storing and sharing data.

  • Pros
    - Sharepoint features an interactive interface with easy to use techniques.
    - It is very easy to use, and set up is as smooth as butter.
  • Cons
    - It is very expensive (that’s why used by most organizations)
Breaking down the Sharepoint integration to WordPress

Keypoints for Sharepoint Integration into WordPress

We can’t leave you empty handed, now, can we? The most awesome thing about WordPress is its flexibility. For those organizations and people who want to enjoy the benefits of Sharepoint’s products while not having to leave the whole platform, Sharepoint for WordPress is the perfect plugin.

The Office 365 Sharepoint service for WordPress enables you to sync your WordPress data with Sharepoint libraries. There is a list of plugins that can help you achieve this successful synchronization for this purpose.

You can share different contacts, documents, lists, issues, and calendar with your team for a better and more collaborative experience. Moreover, some other products are used to display all the information after Sharepoint is integrated into WordPress.

Quite Amazing, isn’t it? Here are some of the features that you get by integrating Sharepoint in WordPress:

  • Customize Email notifications
  • Avoid redundancy by checking for data using System IDs
  • Upload single or Multiple files
  • Users can set an auto sync timer
  • Sync WordPress existing data, i.e., WooCommerce, Media Files, Users, Contact and Gravity forms
  • It also enables users to create different sharepoints for WordPress
  • Customize logics to control the flow of data
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Sharepoint for WordPress CMS is an excellent plugin if you want to take your organization and reach the heights you’ve always wanted to. It features some of the most influential and flexible solutions that encourage collaboration and time saving.

In addition to time saving, you are also sharing the cost in many ways too. This WordPress plugin can be an all in one implementation of Sharepoint in your website. Especially if you value the plus points of WordPress along with the powerful features of Sharepoint and Microsoft 365, The WordPress to Sharepoint list transfer is going to be quite beneficial.

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