Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting Plan for your Business

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How to Select the Best WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Business?

Choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Choosing a WordPress hosting plan can be a difficult task to perform. That's because there are hundreds of web hosting providers out there, with every single one of them claiming to be the best. However, only a few are reliable and can help you achieve a massive boost in your sales.

So, here's a burning question, how do you go about choosing the right WordPress hosting plan for yourself? You need not stress yourself too much about answering the question, as we'll be sharing with you a list of reliable hosting providers in this article. These companies will offer you great features that'll help to increase your site's performance and also keep it secured.

In case you'd like to research on your own, here are a few factors that you need to put into consideration.

1. Speed

Gone are the days when website loading speed is of little importance when setting up a website. Now it's become one of the essential factors to help retain visitors to your site. When choosing a WordPress hosting plan, you need to opt for a company that guarantees a server that won't take up to 3 seconds to load.

2. Security

It's worth noting that security is of great importance when choosing a WordPress hosting plan for your website. According to a recent study by Hosting Facts, about 90,000 sites get hacked daily. Looking at that, I'm sure you wouldn't want to fall victim as well. To prevent that from happening, you must opt for a hosting provider that's tested and trusted and can provide you the best security options. If you need to adhere to HIPAA WordPress compliance, additional security will be necessary and a HIPAA-compliant web hosting provider will be needed.

3. 24/7 support and reliability

Another thing you'll need to consider in a company before choosing a WordPress hosting plan is support. A reliable hosting provider must be able to provide you with round-the-clock support, irrespective of whether you're an expert or a newbie.

4. Uptime Assurance

Let's face it if a hosting provider can't guarantee you up to 99% uptime, ensure you stay away from such companies. You'll always need to stay online to keep your site active and relevant in the competition. And the only way to make that happen is by having a very high uptime.

By critically considering these four factors, you'll be able to choose the right company for your WordPress hosting plan. Furthermore, the first thing that you'll need to do after signing up with a company is to select the type of WordPress hosting plan that you want to purchase. For now, we have about four of them, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. We'll be focusing our attention on managed WordPress hosting. 

Speaking of managed WordPress hosting, it's a solution that offers the best support for a WordPress website. One of the benefits of having one is that it helps to optimize the site for high performance and speed. Apart from that, it also helps to provide regular backups, which is much needed by your website. Here are some of the best hosting companies that you can opt for, as promised earlier.

Finding the right solution unique to your business

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020

  • WPEngine
    WPEngine is one of the best and popular managed WordPress hosting companies that you should consider when choosing a plan. That's because it's highly reliable and guarantees a very fast speed. WPEngine offers disaster recovery systems, automated backups every day, and encrypted SSL certificates for security solutions. Additionally, the company also provides its users with the ability to track performances through Google Analytics integration. It also offers distributed global CDN and tools for page speed performance. As far as payment is concerned, WPEngine offers a starting plan of $35 per month. And with that, you'll only be able to achieve a traffic limit of 25,000, creating only one website.
  • Bluehost Optimized
    Bluehost is also one of the best-managed WordPress companies that you can consider for your hosting plan. According to a recent review, the company offers servers that are faster and more secure than their competition. Apart from their bold claim, you can always trust the company as it's one of the selected few recommended by WordPress. They include free CDL, email service for business, SSL, and regular backups. The company provides its clients with the ability to manage everything on their websites through its enhanced channel. As for payment plans, Blue host optimized has a basic wp standard plan, which goes for $19.99 per month. This plan, which comes with a free domain, will enable you to receive about 100 million visits monthly.
  • DreamHost
    DreamHost is one of the tested and trusted hosting providers out there. Its managed WordPress hosting plan, called DreamPress, offers a host of great features. They include round-the-clock expert support, built-in caching system, fast WordPress install, Encrypted SSL certificates, fast load time, and many more. With it's pricing you'll be able to get the DreamPress plan at a starting price of $16.95 per month that'll also come with a free domain.
  • SiteGround
    Just like every other hosting provider on this list, SiteGround is also popular and reliable. Although the company is mostly known for its shared hosting plan, its managed WordPress hosting plan is also powerful and top-notch. Some of the features of SiteGround include free encrypted SSL certificates, automatic updates, free website migration service, and free Cloudflare CDN. SiteGround has a basic plan, which goes for $3.95 per month. While this is great, the only problem is that it restricts you to host one site. As such, you should choose its GrowBig plan which goes for $5.95/month.
  • HostGator Cloud
    HostGator is mostly popular because of its shared hosting solution. However, the company also provides its clients with a managed WordPress hosting plan, called HostGator Cloud. The hosting plan comes with a lot of amazing features, which include cPanel, multiple data center, user-friendly dashboard, and integrated caching. The company doesn't offer the website backup and restore feature, which most companies provide. Although the backup and restore features are not included, you can always buy the company's recommended add-ons to perform those functions. As far as the pricing plan of HostGator Cloud is concerned, you'll be able to get it at a starting price of $4.95/month.
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