Top 5 WordPress Document Management Plugins You Should Try

Improve and Create Efficient Internal Workflows with These Robust Document Management Tools
Organize Your Business with These WordPress Document Management Plugins

Comparing WordPress Document Management Solutions

WordPress Document Management Plugins give you the option to organize your WordPress files, including audio, video, text, and picture, allow more than one person to edit files, categorize files in different folders, and run projects with team members all over the world. There are a host of file manager plugins on WordPress. While very few come with a price tag, others are free to use. We have made a list of the five best WordPress document management plugins for you. They include:

  • Document Gallery for Real Media Library
  • Memphis Document Library
  • WP Document Revision
  • Document Management System
  • WPYog Documents
Top 5 WordPress Document Management Plugins You Should Try Out Now

Document Gallery for Real Media Library

Document Gallery for Real Media Library remains one of the best paid WordPress file manager Plugins in the market. It costs $39 and an extra, but optional, $12.75 for a 12-month customer support service or $195 for lifetime access.

This feature-packed plugin natively supports a vast number of file types and languages, including Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Mandarin, and Russian. Building an efficient file structure has never been easier. You can upload multiple files concurrently, create shortcuts and unique libraries, all with the easy-of-use drag and drop controls.

This plugin is excellent for e-commerce sites, and it has a friendly and straightforward user interface. It works seamlessly with Woo Commerce Plugin and is valuable in putting items into different categories. If you own an online store and have an inventory of over 300 items, this WordPress file manager plugin helps place your items in various categories. Many free WordPress file manager plugins are out there. Be assured that you will be getting an incredible amount of value for your money with the document gallery plugin.

MEMPHIS Document Library

The Memphis document library is another excellent WordPress file manager. What's better? The plugin's features can be accessed freely. With a friendly user interface, you can save files (including pictures, videos, texts, and audios, in various formats), edit files, and delete files in batches. Corporations of any size can use this plugin to upload important documents, like vision and mission statements or corporate plans, accessible to employees. The plugin is simple, effective, and free, and it comes with a 'Donate Now' button; so, if perhaps you are impressed with it, be sure to donate to the developers.

WP Document Revision

WP Document Revision Plugin remains one of the best options for workflow and document collaboration. It does what Google Docs does—and even more. With the WP Document Revision WordPress File Manager, team members can collaborate and work on WordPress CPanel documents. The plugin is excellent for companies that have remote workers. With it, any amount of users can edit and modify any file. The plugin allows users to set the stage a document is. Steps include initial draft, in progress, under review, and final draft.


About Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is a WordPress file manager plugin that allows you to upload freely, cross-edit, and share, 500 documents for free. If you want to save, share, or collaboratively work on more than 500 papers, you will have to pay for its pro version. If you cannot afford its pro version, the free version still offers excellent functionalities.

One of these plugin's essential functionalities is that it gives admin users the option to lock any document they want. This feature is essential if you are not the only person with access to your site. With the plugin, you can lock sensitive documents and grant unrestricted access to other people for documents that are not sensitive. When searching for saved files, DMS allows you to use keywords to filter your search, making it easy for you to find files that may have been, otherwise, difficult to locate.


WPYOG Documents

WpYog Documents is another free WordPress File Manager Plugin with unique functionalities and a simple user interface. The plugin allows you to download and upload documents and create document galleries. The plugin list files according to dates; therefore, more recent files will be found at the top of the list.

With this plugin, every file you download will be assigned a shortcode. The shortcode can directly place files (text, video, or audio) in the text editor of your WordPress posts and pages.


There are two ways you can download a WordPress document manager plugin—

How to Upload & Download WordPress File Manager Plugins

As your WordPress site grows and the number of files you upload increases, you will need a WordPress file manager plugin for your files' thorough organization. With any of the plugins revealed above, your files will become more organized, you will become more productive, and your employees will be able to work on the same project. Uploading straight from your WordPress CPanel is straightfoward and easy to do. First you will need to navigate to the left of your dashboard where the admin panel is located. Hovering over "Plugins" click on "Add New". From here you will search for your desired WordPress Manager plugin, install, and activate!

Top 5 WordPress Document Management Plugins You Should Try Out Now

How to Download WordPress Plugins?

  • Visit and click "Plugins."
  • Search for your desired plugin.
  • Download the zip file.
  • Visit your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on “Add New” under “Plugins.”
  • Click upload plugin.
  • Upload the zip file.

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