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WordPress Blogging Plugins That Will Make Your Blogging Reliable

A Tour of WordPress Blogging

Blogging is a mainstream job nowadays. Anyone with a passion for writing can do it. Moreover, blogs are one of the most effective means of advertisement. Therefore, you can promote your business through your blog or article section, or you can simply get paid for displaying ads for other businesses. But to do so, you must know that there are a few things in addition to writing-practice and research-on-the-topic, but you also need to compose your writing in the ideal manner so that it is engaging. Your content needs to be unique so it can stand out. And your content needs to be SEO optimized so it can come in top rankings when searched on Google. The good thing is that many blogging sites have introduced a series of plugins to help you improve as well as promote your blog.

WordPress Blogging Plugins That Will Make Your Blogging Reliable

Since WordPress is the most popular blogging site, today, we will discuss some of the best plugins for writing blog posts or articles on WordPress. There are tons of WordPress Custom Plugins available. Below is the list of the top five most powerful WordPress plugins.

Search Engine Optimization plugin

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that helps your content receive a better search engine ranking on Google so you can receive more visitors.

One of its many uses is to allow you to enter a keyword or key phrase which your post or page will be ranked for in search engine results. Yoast SEO makes sure you have used that keyword in your content enough times for it to be considered a keyword at all.

In the premium version, they take it two steps further by not only letting you select multiple keyword or keyphrase but also checks your content to analyze it for all variations of that keyword/keyphrase, such as synonyms of the keyword/keyphrase, various forms of the words used, etc. In this way, you are optimizing and completely advancing your content. Yoast SEO takes how Google will see your content very seriously and thus makes sure Google gives it a good high rank for more people to see and read it.

The plugin also displays a readability check in the free version and tells you where you need to improve because readability is very important in blogging and writing in general. We must remember that people don't read online, they scan. Yoast SEO takes care of that. Key Features of the Yoast SEO (Free Version)

  • Keyword optimization
  • Preview of your page in Google
  • Warns duplicate content to avoid confusing Google
  • Tells Google and other applications exactly what your page is about
  • Gets updated for Google's algorithm regularly
  • Works in every WordPress editor
  • Readability Check to increase the chances of visitors reading your page
  • Set categories for your articles and pages

Key Features of the Yoast SEO (Premium Version)

In addition to the above, the premium version allows you to receive additional features, such as:

  • Related keywords optimization
  • Suggestions for Internal Linking
  • Internal Linking Blocks
  • Blog/site page preview in Social Media
  • Full Control Over Your Breadcrumbs
  • Content Insights
  • Redirect Manager: No more 404 Page Not Found messages
  • Focus Keyword Export
  • 24/7 Support for one year
  • Ad-free
Social Engagement Plugin

Easy Social Sharing

The Easy Social Sharing WordPress plugin allows you to boost your social engagement to earn the desired traffic. This plugin provides you Social Share buttons to share your blog or article on various social media platforms that help you to grow your following, email subscribers list and share on your website. This remarkable plugin eases the content sharing for your visitors. It also enables you to display your social profiles anywhere on your website. It offers custom pop-ups forms to build a mailing list. Overall, the tool is very useful in gaining more traffic.

Key Features

  • Responsive design
  • Live Preview for backend
  • Instant load caching
  • Multiple button designs
  • Buttons for popular social networks
  • Counter feature for social sharing
  • Update support for Ajax count
  • Floating and inline social buttons
  • Design layouts for icons
  • Dashboard settings for easy configuration
Creating Responsive Blog Pages

Blog Designer

Blog Designer is a useful WordPress plugin for those requiring responsive blog pages over their website. It is always good to change or slightly modify your blog template and layout for every blog instead of sticking with one to give a fresh new look. How your blog site looks is what plays a big role in visitors visiting and staying on your blog/website. This plugin, therefore, provides you with a bunch of various blog templates including Boxy-Clean, Classical, Crayon-Slider, Glossary, Light Breeze, Spektrum, Evolution, Timeline, News and Nicy, etc., that are easy to use and set up on your blog page on WordPress.

Blog Designer Also allows you with the options to modify your settings quickly and easily from your blog's admin login. The best thing about it is that it improves your blog look and feel without you needing the knowledge of CSS coding or graphic designing skills.

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Supports Multiple Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.)
  • Multiple Post Category Selection
  • Makes Your Content Look Stylish
  • Enables You to Show or Hide Post category, tags, writer, comment and, etc.
  • Maintain post content length with summary text
  • Custom CSS support
  • Translation Ready
Email Marketing Automation


Newsletter plugin is used for email marketing. It allows you to build lists and helps in easy creating, sending, and tracking emails. It now has a completely rewritten composer. It provides you with a simple drag and drop composer for your campaign creations.

Key Features

  • Attractive Newsletters
  • Infinite Subscribers with Reports
  • Newsletters with Tracking
  • Spam Check (subscription)
  • Delivery Speed
  • Wpml, Polylang, GDPR, SMTP, and Translatepress Ready
  • Customizable Subscription Widget, Page or Custom Form
  • WordPress Users Registration Seamless Integration
  • Status Panel to Check Your Blog Mailing Capability and Configuration
  • Customizable Themes
supercharge WordPress native comments


wpDiscuz plugin is designed to supercharge WordPress native comments. It is the best alternative to Disqus and Jetpack to keep your comments in your database. It's a new form '7' is a progressive approach to the plugin. It upgrades the commenting experience of your readers on your website as it consists of several new user engagement features. Finally, it provides you with the AJAX real-time comment system that has custom comment forms and fields.

Key Features

  • Responsive
  • Enable you to add interactive and stylish comment boxes
  • Inline feedback
  • Real-time notification with real-time updating Comment Bubble
  • Social Commenting and login option
  • Post Rating
  • Multi-level (nested) comment threads
  • Comment threads design
  • Allow anonymous commenting
  • Integration with Social Network Login plugins
  • Lazy load wpDiscuz comments on scrolling
  • Edit Comment facility
  • Comment author notification
  • Uses WordPress Comment system
  • Quick Tags Control commenters by roles (allow/restrict access to website comment area)
  • Option to load all comments on the first-page load
  • Built-in Gravatar caching
  • Sticky Comments
  • Closed Comments Threads
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WordPress Plugins provide a useful variety of features and functionalities that are improved and updated with time as required. It can be deduced that a WordPress Plugin developer aims to deliver the best as these plugins are not only useful for any content writer or blogger, but they also integrate with your WordPress website seamlessly, which is why most people prefer WordPress for blogging and writing posts or articles.

The list of plugins mentioned in this article is based on the most popular five plugins on WordPress. There are plenty of more plugins you can find simply on WordPress. They are provided as both free versions, as well as the premium version with the extended features and settings.

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