Selecting a Developer for your WordPress Website

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WordPress Developers: How to Select the Best for Your Website

Finding the Right WordPress Developer

WordPress is a name any business owner today has most likely heard of. Even though it has been around for over ten years, its usage as a popular development platform is quite recent. Among business communities, it is now the most used program for building websites.

Choosing the best person for WordPress development to build your company website will be one of the most vital decisions you make for your business. In today’s post, we will discuss what it is exactly that a WordPress developer does and what factors to look at when selecting one for your business. WordPress is a website designed for everyone to use, so you may be wondering why you need a developer.

Selecting a Developer for your WordPress Website

Well, a WordPress developer is a professional who can help your website reach its maximum potential. They will create custom plugins and modules that you won’t find on the general catalog and will help you form a theme.

Is hiring a wordpress developer right for you?

The Benefits of Hiring a Developer

  • Efficiency:
    You can try to learn WordPress, but it’s not easy, and some people struggle with finding the right software, tools, and plugins for their website. This is surely not something to be embarrassed about because many business owners come from a non-technical background. You can’t build a house by reading a manual, and you can’t build a website by watching a YouTube video. Hiring a full time or even a freelance WordPress developer will help you save time and lots of effort.
  • Customization:
    Not everything you will need in terms of themes and designs is available on WordPress without any customization. Many businesses have unique business goals and requirements which can’t be fulfilled by the generic options available. A professional with custom development skills can write up a custom code and use plugins to fulfill your needs.
  • Skills:
    Professional WordPress developers have been working in their field for years and have helped hundreds of businesses build websites. During this time, they have gained knowledge and experience regarding which features and plugins would work best with a specific layout. As a business owner, you can surely benefit from this expertise.

    When working on your own, you may not realize what you need to do. It is impossible to set correct deadlines when you don’t know what you are doing. When you hire a WordPress developer, all you have to do is tell them your requirements. Then, they will let you know just how much work that is and how long it will take. With a professional developer, you can be assured that your website will be ready on a specific date, and you can focus your efforts on something else.
The Most Important Things to Keep In Mind

What to Look for in a WordPress Developer

Even when you don’t have the skills or knowledge to check if the developer is good enough, you can still do that. The easiest way to do so is starting with a test task and asking the developer to add a custom feature to your page that is not available for others on WordPress.

A skilled developer should be able to complete this task effortlessly. However, aside from this, there are many more things to consider. Now let’s go through the list to help you have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

Good Record and Portfolio

Before you select either a full time or freelance WordPress developer, try to check out their portfolio. See if the websites this developer has designed are compatible with your needs. Ask for any references they may have and check up on these. Contact previous customers to see how satisfied they are with the developer’s results.

You should also check out their name on review sites such as GitHub and Dribble, to see what other people have to say. If you wish, you can even look up their social media pages to see how they interact with customers and viewers.

Remember the right WordPress developer will:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Delivers results without delay
  • Listen to your needs/concerns
  • Follow your guidelines

Skillset and Experience

Of course, when looking for a WordPress developer, you must make sure they have the proper skills. These include knowledge of:

  • General WP plugin ecosystem
  • Security
  • Core upgrades
  • Custom theme development

They should also have hands-on experience in modifying and designing the WordPress framework.

But keep in mind that you are hiring a website designer, so check out their skillset aside from WordPress skills. Ideally, a developer should have the skills for designing websites, as well as using image editing software, knowledge of UX/UI, website hosting techniques, and experience with conversion rate optimization.

Fast Response Time

Many developers take part in multiple projects with different clients at the same time, so your requests may not always be handled timely. Before finalizing your decision about hiring a developer, ensure it doesn’t take them longer than a day to respond to your messages. If you experience a delay with responses in your initial conversation, then chances are it is going to take even longer once you hire them.

Open Source Software

A good WordPress website developer works with an open-source platform to provide you with an excellent website. They will use PHP or python programming to build an effective and fast website. Speed is vital for attracting customers to your site. No one is going to sit around and wait for it to load, so hire a developer that knows how to use open-source platforms to your advantage.

Value and Cost

Pricing is obviously also a large factor that comes into play when choosing a WordPress developer. Maybe you are considering cutting expenses to save money right now, but this may be a decision you later will regret. Your website is the foundation of any digital marketing plan you may come up with. Any reliable and trusted business must have a good website; otherwise, your customer may turn to your competitor. So, invest in your site today to increase tomorrow’s revenue.

But, this doesn’t mean to blindly accept any offer. Do some research to find a developer that provides high-quality service at a competitive price.

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Clarity WordPress Experts

With so many options available for WordPress developers, deciding which one is the best fit for your company can be an overwhelming task. But don’t let this scare you at all. When choosing a developer, go through the above-mentioned tips to make the selection process a bit easier. Focus on your personal business goals, compare profiles, invest, and find the right developer for you!

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