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Does Your Navigation Guide Your Visitors To Where You Want Them To Go?

Affair Recovery is an organization devoted to helping couples recover from infidelity. They provide counseling and anonymous group support, in addition to a myriad of resources that help couples grow and move on. For their website menu navigation, Clarity kept things clean and simple, using a calming light blue to maximize client comfort. We also noted three basic steps on the homepage and built a series of brighter calls to action on the “resources” page; again, the focus is on calm, professional simplicity for an enjoyable user experience.

While this design is particularly applicable to organizations that provide a service to a group of people who are in need, there are some best practices that every business can take away; namely, the more complicated your navigation, the more likely you are to lose customers as they browse your website. Clarity can help you pare your site navigation down to the menu items that are most important, leaving both you and your customers satisfied.

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